TMCC Awarded Gold Medallion for Marketing Campaign

Alli Williams
Photo of 2018 Gold Medallion Award

TMCC Pays Off! And now a recent marketing effort is paying off for the College, too.

The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) has announced the District 6 winners of the NCMPR Medallion Awards, where TMCC was awarded a Gold Medallion in the Print Advertisement category. The award was given for the TMCC Pays Off print ad series, created in partnership with The Abbi Agency, that debuted in August 2017.

“This fun and clever campaign has really brought our programs into the spotlight, and highlights how TMCC can provide high-quality education at an affordable price,” said TMCC President Karin Hilgersom. “We are grateful to The Abbi Agency for their support with this campaign.”

According to the NCMPR website, the Medallion Awards recognize outstanding achievement in design and communication at community and technical colleges. There are seven districts total, and TMCC resides in District 6 which includes colleges in Nevada, Arizona, California, Hawaii and Utah. The Gold Medallion is the highest level of achievement in a given category.

The TMCC Pays Off ads recognized by NCMPR feature the Culinary Arts, Dental Hygiene and Welding programs and are part of a larger series of advertisements created to promote the College. The campaign features visually engaging educational and career goals across a variety of programs. The ads were reformatted for various uses across multiple media platforms, including print, outdoor, digital, television and local radio.

“I am extremely proud of the Marketing and Communications staff,” said Elena Bubnova, Associate Vice President of Research, Marketing and Web Services. “This award is a wonderful recognition of the creative, cutting edge campaign to promote the amazing and life changing opportunities TMCC offers to students. TMCC truly pays off for so many in our community.”

TMCC continues to submit the great work done by staff and faculty to local and regional awards. For more information about the TMCC Pays Off ad series or about TMCC marketing efforts, contact the Marketing & Communications Office at 775-673-7087.