Nevada Promise Scholarship Opens for Class of 2019

Alli Williams

Photo of group of students

This Fall, the first-ever recipients of the Nevada Promise Scholarship enter Truckee Meadows Community College as first-time college students. For some, college seemed like a distant idea that wasn’t an option. Through the Nevada Promise Scholarship, students all over the state were given the opportunity to attend community college for a price that everyone can agree on: free.

The Nevada Promise Scholarship covers costs for up to three years of registration fees and other mandatory fees not met by gift aid. Since there is no tuition cost for in-state students at TMCC, this means Nevada students can enroll in higher education courses at zero or minimal cost.

Lucas Testa is one of those incoming students at TMCC who was awarded with the Nevada Promise Scholarship. Testa graduated from Bishop Manogue High School and is enrolled in the Paramedic Program for the upcoming Fall Semester. He wasn’t completely sold on attending a community college at first, but after applying for the Nevada Promise Scholarship, he discovered that TMCC offered programs and a learning environment that were specific to his goals.

“The Nevada Promise Scholarship came in the nick of time. I was still struggling to find a college that would suit my needs and it helped engage the idea of coming to a community college,” said Testa. “Going to a community college has been the best idea ever.”

Testa is one of over 200 students who are attending TMCC this Fall Semester at virtually no cost, thanks to the Nevada Promise Scholarship. Angela South, the Nevada Promise Scholarship Coordinator at TMCC, is hopeful that number will grow in its second year.

“We received about 1,800 applications last year, and this year we’re predicting a 40% increase of applicants,” said South.

The application is now open for Nevada high school seniors. Requirements include application for admission to a Nevada community college of choice (like TMCC!), workshop attendance, completed FAFSA, community service, meeting with a mentor, and meeting all program deadlines. The first deadline is Wednesday, October 31, when the application must be submitted.

“The Nevada Promise Scholarship eliminates barriers to students who couldn’t afford college or who didn’t think college was an option. Many students have shared with me that they didn’t think college was even a possibility,” said South. “The program teaches students about the scholarship process, financial aid, and how to navigate the college admission process. It’s really useful for first-time college students.”

Some of the outlined requirements for the application process will provide students with the tools needed to prepare for college life. Through the program, students will volunteer for organizations to help better the community, meet with someone who can help them with the application process and beyond, and navigate through financial aid.

Community Service

Applicants are required to complete 20 hours of community service prior to the spring deadline in order to receive the scholarship. TMCC provides students with tools to assist in completing the community service at the Nevada Promise Scholarship website. This includes guidelines for submitting hours, service requirements, and organizations in the area that are seeking volunteers.

Mentor Program

The Nevada Promise Scholarship pairs students with mentors in order to facilitate a smoother transition from high school to college. The mentors are community volunteers who serve as a nonjudgmental outlet that the students can go to if they have questions or concerns about the scholarship, TMCC, or anything else. Mentors act as a support system for the students, and help to ensure the success of a student.


Training workshops must be completed by students by the end of December. The workshops will help students navigate TMCC’s admissions process, financial aid options, and details of the scholarship. You can find training dates and the RSVP form on the Nevada Promise Scholarship website. Training is offered both in-person and online. The online training is offered to students once they have been officially admitted to TMCC.

Other Requirements

  • Apply for admission to TMCC
  • Complete a FAFSA
  • Complete New Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR)
  • Take a placement test (ACCUPLACER, ACT or SAT)

The application is now open, and eligible students are encouraged to apply before the Wednesday, October 31 deadline.

For more information about the Nevada Promise Scholarship, please contact TMCC Access, Outreach and Recruitment at 775-673-8236.