The Big Give

Stefanie Givens

Nevada Big Give Logo

On Thursday, March 22, Truckee Meadows Community College Foundation invites the community to participate in Nevada’s Big Givethe state’s largest 24-hour fundraising event.

Now in its seventh year, over 15,000 unique donors have invested in nearly 500 nonprofits and schools statewide, raising an astounding $3.4 million in support of a diverse slate of causes across Nevada. This year, on Nevada’s Big Give, community members can have a dramatic impact on TMCC’s students by supporting scholarships on this important day.

From students pursuing a certificate or preparing to transfer to a university, to those just out of high school or making the transition back to college, TMCC's students and alumni are inspiring creativity, innovation and bold ideas to meet the needs of existing, new and emerging industries in our region. Community college students become innovators, problem-solvers and professionals in many fields that directly impact our local economy, including such expanding fields as hospitality and tourism, health sciences and applied technology. In fact, 95 percent of TMCC graduates remain in the Reno-Sparks area. An investment in students is an investment in the local community and economy.

TMCC’s students are diverse and every story is different; however, many share in the challenge of meeting the cost of higher education while balancing work, school and family. Scholarships provided by the TMCC Foundation can be a transformational piece for many students, reducing or even eliminating financial barriers, helping to close the gap between financial aid and unmet need, relieving students of the need to seek part-time or secondary employment, and providing security to help students focus on their studies. From direct support in the form of scholarships and emergency resources, to in-direct support that enhances and provides for innovative program development, enhanced classroom technology, wellness programs and more, philanthropic support is a critical piece of the higher education puzzle for TMCC students. While contribution amounts can be precisely measured, for students the transformational impact transcends dollar amounts, and for many can be a main factor in achieving a two-year degree.

While in the 2017-2018 academic year, the TMCC Foundation awarded over $700,000 in scholarships, the need for continued and expanded investment in scholarships is demonstrated in the fact that only one-third of total scholarship applications submitted are awarded.

On Nevada’s Big Give, the community can help close this gap of unmet funding. Every donation of every size to the TMCC Foundation will directly support TMCC’s studentshelping to fund tuition, books, student fees and more.

Please visit TMCC’s official Big Give campaign page to learn more or to make a contribution now.