International Artists Showcased in Exhibits

Candace Garlock
Minh Doan Artwork Image

"Untitled," Pen and ink, by Minh Doan.

Fall art exhibits at Truckee Meadows Community College represent collections of photography, printmaking and drawing; illustrating the topics of identity, consumerism, and travel. Artists include students, faculty and international artists who are exhibiting in four galleries. The opening reception is Nov. 15.

  • When: Wednesday, Nov. 15, 5–7 p.m.
  • Where: TMCC Student Center, Red Mountain Building, 7000 Dandini Blvd., in Reno

At 5:30 p.m., there will be an artist presentation by Eunkang Koh, featured artist in the Main Gallery. Refreshments will be served. Reception and exhibits are free, and the public is welcomed.

Main Art Gallery

The TMCC Main Art Gallery will feature “Prints & Books: 2007–2017” by EunKang Koh, whose works consist of multiple types of print media, and incorporate other media to reference mass consumer culture. EunKang Koh’s subject matter centers on the imagery of half-animal and half-human figures. These hybrid creatures represent a portrait of us, humans as social animals in the society that we live in. These creatures express the absurdity of the human world. They portray ironic gestures that create a mixture of humor and grotesqueness, reflecting life in our consumerist society.

Red Mountain Gallery

The Red Mountain Gallery will feature “Crossing Over Making Contact,” and “Frogman’s 2017 Portfolio” organized by EunKang Koh. “Crossing Over Making Contact” is a print portfolio exchange that seeks to connect artists from the United States and Korea by way of the print medium.

Red Mountain Student Gallery

The Red Mountain Student Gallery will feature “Repressed Sentiments,” pen and ink drawings by Minh Doan, an international student currently attending TMCC. His drawings represent the same mundane tasks we arbitrarily carry out day by day.

“I look around and see many faces who have all carried out the exact same tasks as I do now, and go nowhere with their lives," Doan wrote. "I reflect on society as a whole, I ponder what kind of people I see, what they were before and where they are now? What internal conflicts does everybody face deep down, whilst wearing a mask over the surface to suppress any doubters? I question the sterile meticulously designed world that we inhabit and its contrast to the nature that also resides alongside us."

This series of works tackles different mediums to present an abstract look on society and the intimate and isolated side of oppressed human emotions.

Erik Lauritzen Gallery

The Erik Lauritzen Gallery will feature “Glimpses,” curated by Aimee Kelly. In this exhibition, Kelly asks artists the question, "What do we, as tourists, look at? While on vacation or traveling somewhere new, everything is fresh to our eyes. What images do we find important enough to photograph? Do we look at things abroad, or in other cities, that we take for granted at home?"

Kelly asked participants to send her photos that help show different places and cultures from an individual perspective.

For information about the Fall International Art exhibits, please contact the TMCC Art Galleries at 775-674-7698.