Enroll Now for Winter and Spring

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
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Autumn is the time to register for Winter Session and Spring Semester classes, with fees due as late as Jan. 16.

Class schedules for Winter Session and Spring Semester are now posted at schedule.tmcc.edu.

Winter classes are scheduled for Dec. 26–Jan. 18, and fees are due on Tuesday, Jan. 16 for both Winter Session and Spring Semester. Spring Semester proper begins on Monday, Jan. 22.

“I like to get enrolling for classes out of the way early—if there’s a professor that I like and I’d want to take again, then I can register for that class before it fills up,” said Ana Ramirez, pursuing an Associate of Science. “Registering early helps me figure out my work schedule and when I can do homework, as well. It’s nice to know my schedule, to fit it with the Tutoring Center hours if I’d want to take advantage of tutoring for a course.”

New Gateway Requirements

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has made math and English course completion a priority for the state’s students. The basic math and English courses are called “Gateway” classes. As of January 2018, students new to Nevada public colleges—and seeking a degree or certificate—are required to complete their college-level Gateway courses within two semesters after beginning their studies at state schools.

Academic advisors and mentors are available to help students with enrollment, and with registration holds. Students may contact Academic Advisement at 775-673-7062, or find their mentor in Starfish. Mentors are reachable in Starfish, by email, or at their department locations.

Help for Students is Available in Many Departments

The Welcome Center in the V. James Eardley Student Center offers information for general questions, password reset, campus maps and ID cards. Welcome Center staff members can also provide directions and contact information for various offices around campus.

Departments where students can find information and assistance include the following:

Important Information When Registering for Winter and Spring:

  • To register, log on to my.tmcc.edu
  • Winter Session is from Tuesday, Dec. 26–Thursday, Jan. 18
  • Spring Semester is from Monday, Jan. 22–Friday, May 11
  • Please check the online searchable class schedule (schedule.tmcc.edu) and/or my.tmcc.edu regarding any prerequisites for the course in which you are enrolling
  • Remember to check the dates when fees are due

Note: If you haven’t applied for admission to TMCC yet, visit the website for Steps to Enroll.

Final Thoughts

Cesar Aguilera, Community Health Science Major is planning to register early.

“If you’re not a morning person, you might want a class after 9:30 a.m., and those fill up faster,” he said. “It’s also good if you’re more prepared; then you have a month or longer to get your books and other supplies.

For more information, stop by Admissions and Records at Red Mountain Building, room 319, or call 775-673-7042.