TMCC Theater Presents “Heathers: the Musical”

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
Heathers Show Graphic

"Heathers: the Musical" a show that is fast-paced, sarcastic, dark and funny, opens on April 7, presented by Truckee Meadows Community College Theater.

TMCC's performing arts students are rehearsing the staging, choreographed dances, solo melodies and ensemble rock-influenced songs. Their practices are producing lively sounds of dialog and music at the TMCC Redfield Performing Arts Center.

This musical is based on a 1989 movie starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, about a strong high school clique of three girls, all named Heather. Their rule over Westerberg High School student body gets challenged by the main character Veronica Sawyer and her handsome friend J.D.

“Heathers: the Musical’” plot has spirited twists and turns that make it an entertaining show. The subject matter includes adult themes, though, and parents may consider it rated “R”.

Performances take place at 7:30 p.m. on the following weekends:

  • Friday and Saturday, April 7-8
  • Friday and Saturday, April 14-15
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 20-22

Matinees will begin at 2 p.m. on the following afternoons:

  • Sunday, April 9
  • Sunday, April 23

Ticket prices range from general admission $15 before the show date and $17 at the door, to $13 pre-sale and $15 at the door for students and seniors. TMCC student tickets are all $10.

The tickets can be reserved at showtix4u, and more information may be found at 775-673-7291. The Performing Arts Center is located on Keystone Avenue, adjacent to the Save Mart Supermarket. Parking is free.

About the Musical

“Heathers: the Musical" was created by Kevin Murphy, also part of the team for the show “Desperate Housewives,” and Laurence O’Keefe who was on the creative team for “Legally Blonde.”

This Off-Broadway show is widely known to the Millennial demographic.

“When we announced in December what the musical was going to be, the students erupted into a giant cheer,” said Eric Bullis, PhD, Theater Professor.

He said a record number of 75 people auditioned for a 35-member cast.

“It’s one of the most popular musical shows for people in their 20s,” he said. “There’s a culture of students who are interested in musicals even more than some of the past generations—students are very interested in musicals thanks to the growth in musical theater nationally, and to TV series like ‘Glee.’”

Bullis added that the cast members very much enjoy rehearsing the large group ensemble pieces.

“There are a lot of big production numbers, big and bold numbers with 30 people dancing and singing—high energy in the songs,” he added. “The music is very well-composed, it’s Broadway-quality music. Ted Owens’ music direction of the cast is wonderfully done. Mig O’Hara’s choreography is brilliant. All three of us direct the show.”

He cautions families bringing children to the show that mature issues are explored in this story.

"This show is definitely rated ‘R,’” he said. “It contains sexual content, violence, bullying and adult language."

For more information about “Heathers: the Musical” or TMCC Theater, please contact the Visual and Performing Arts Department at 775-673-7291.