SGA Reps Give Experiences High Ratings

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
SGA Welcome Back Event Image

During the first weeks of the semester, SGA officers hand out free planners and snacks in the V. James Eardley Student Center.

“It’s fulfilling knowing that I can help our students, whether they need an ear or shoulder for support,” said Erik Bravo, Student Government Association (SGA) Senator. “It’s also great to be a liaison between administration and the students. Overall, it’s been a fun experience, in being a team doing activities and creating new programs or events.”

Bravo represents the Technical Sciences Division, but also enjoys participating in the many SGA events at other TMCC sites. He encourages fellow students to run for SGA office because the leadership opportunities are both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Se’Leah Rushing, SGA Senator representing the Business Division 2016-17, agrees.

“One of the coolest parts is that you get to interact with fellow students and get a more one-on-one connection,” she said. “You get to hear their stories—where they’re from and how they came here. And you not only make friends at TMCC, but at UNR too. You get to know people, it’s awesome.”

Rushing is also this year’s Election Committee Chair and announced that the application deadline to run in the next election is coming up on Feb. 17.

  • When: Candidate application deadline is 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17 to run for 2017-18
  • Where: Applications are accepted online through SGA's website

In addition to meeting new people and developing leadership skills, there is also a financial benefit in student government leadership positions. SGA representation is paid student employment.

  • President: $9 an hour, 25 hours per week
  • Vice President: $8.75 an hour, 15 hours per week
  • Secretary: $8.50 an hour, 15 hours per week
  • Clubs and Organizations Chair: $8.50 an hour, 15 hours per week
  • Activities Chair: $8.50 an hour, 15 hours per week
  • Senators: $8.50 an hour, 15 hours per week

Plus, representatives and staff carry a personalized business card and can list the leadership experience on their resume.

Leadership Roles Can Help With Academics

SGA Senators say that their new skills have even helped them in classes. Macario Mendoza-Carillo is this year’s Clubs and Organizations Chair.

“Continuing to be in leadership roles really makes it worthwhile—being an SGA Senator helps me keep developing leadership skills and also helps in academics,” he said. “Being involved helps me to push limits, get better grades and experience new things.”

The members report that they’ve developed friendships, predicting the connections will be long-lasting. Mevini Aponsu is 2016-17 SGA Treasurer and an international student from Sri Lanka. She likes to share the warm reception she received at TMCC with other international students.

“I like to learn new things and build my character in SGA,” she said. “It also helps me to be more responsible. As an international student, I like to make other international students feel welcome here. Being in another country, there are scary parts for sure. I like to help out with making people feel at home.”

Important Upcoming SGA Election Dates

Candidates in the election must attend one of the two mandatory SGA election applicant meetings:

  • Thursday, Mar. 2, 10–11 a.m., or
  • Friday, Mar. 3, Noon–1 p.m.

Campaigning begins on Tuesday, Mar. 7 at 8 a.m. and continues until Saturday, Apr. 15.

Those running for office also need to participate in the Candidate Fair and Debate in the V. James Eardley Student Center on Wednesday, Mar. 29 from Noon–2 p.m.

The election will open for online voting by all students on Monday, Apr. 3 at 8 a.m. and continue until Monday, Apr. 17 at 8 a.m.

Winning candidates will be announced on Friday, Apr. 21.

For more information about elected positions of the Student Government Association at TMCC, please call 775-673-7203.