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Dental Hygiene students practice clinical training as part of their curriculum, which also includes classroom instruction and lab work.

Dental Hygiene Named To Top 50

The Dental Hygiene Program at TMCC has recently ranked at number six in the U.S. of the best two-year training programs in the U.S.

“The best part of the program is that all of our professors want to be here and will go above and beyond to make sure you succeed,” said Hannah Nystrom, Dental Hygiene student. “Ms. McDonald really goes to bat for us to get student scholarships. It’s not just wanting us to succeed, it’s also supporting us and helping us with everything. The instructors are also very open-minded.”

Brandy Messenger, a fellow Dental Hygiene student agreed.

“The professors have our best interests at heart,” she said. “I think every one of our teachers is very well-rounded, even in being involved with the state legislature and in the community. It gives you the motivation to go out there and help in the community, too. We have this overall well-rounded experience learning from the diverse staff. They all make us feel really comfortable, and we have a lot of fun too, and release some stress from all of our studies.”

Community for Accredited Online Schools is an online resource, providing information on two- and four-year collegiate programs in many disciplines.

“We compile our rankings based on IPEDS data, the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System, collected by the National Center for Education Statistics,” wrote Robert Wilson, Director of Community Outreach, in an email to TMCC. “From that data, we have crafted our methodology that resulted in your school’s position on our list.”

The organization highlighted TMCC Dental Hygiene Program’s tri-learning approach, where students undergo instruction in the classroom, laboratory and clinical setting. Lori McDonald, Director of Dental Hygiene confirmed that class sizes maintain a ratio of about 12 to one in lecture and six to one in clinic and labs. Candidates for the program receive additional points on their application for previous dental office experience. There is also an information night held every semester to help answer questions for future applicants.

“Prospective students can meet with college and dental hygiene administrators during an information night, an event that precedes the start of classes (each semester),” according to

Students say the program is also economical.

“Comparatively, if I would have gone anywhere else, I would have paid twice as much, especially in other nearby states,” Nystrom said.

Messenger agreed.

“We buy all of our own instruments and professors help us get the best equipment for the best price,” she said.

Logo for Best Vet Tech SchoolsVeterinary Technology Also Listed To Top 50 in U.S.

The Community for Accredited Online Schools ranks accredited Veterinary Technology programs at vocational schools, community colleges, four-year schools and veterinary technician schools. It includes both in-person and online Vet Tech programs.

“Comparing both online and on-campus programs at two- and four-year schools across the U.S., the online higher education resource provider ranked schools providing the best overall value for Veterinary Technician students,” according to a press release published by

TMCC’s in-person Veterinary Technician Program—with classroom, lab and practical clinic experiences—placed at number 23 in the nation and was highlighted for its economical tuition and fees, financial aid available, class sizes, placement and counseling services, and credit given for experience.

Meredith Standish is a May graduate of the Veterinary Technology Program and helped launch the student chapter of National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA) club.

“Dr. Noreen and the entire staff give their students the opportunity to have hands-on experience every week,” she said. “The partnership with Washoe County Animal Services and TMCC gives us a chance to work with animals throughout the program. We’re able to do physical exams, perform diagnostic testing, and even assist with surgeries, all with instructors right by our side. Learning by doing is one of the best parts of this program.”

Doug Jones, CEO and Founder of the Community for Accredited Online Schools said that the job outlook for veterinary technicians is progressing at a higher rate than other occupations in the U. S. through 2024. Standish added that local veterinarians reach out to TMCC.

“The local veterinary community has also opened their doors to allow second-year students to shadow through hospitals in the area and gain experience working with technicians in the clinical setting,” she said. “This gives us the confidence to be able to step into a technician role after graduation. Whether it's small or large animals that interest you, there is opportunity for both, which is sometimes harder to come by with other programs.”

Standish said that knowledge becomes much more applicable with the practical hands-on experiences.

“Dr. Noreen and all the instructors have an extensive background in veterinary medicine and love teaching,” she said. “That balance makes for the best technicians for the future, and the ability to care for the animals we love so much.”

For more information about the Veterinary Technician Program, please call 775-850-4003.

Logo for Best HVAC SchoolsHVAC/R at TMCC is Ranked Number One

The Community for Accredited Online Schools has designated the HVAC/R training program at TMCC as the top two-year program in the nation.

“There are so many things I like about this program,” said Rebecca Bradley, HVAC/R student. “The TMCC HVAC program instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me learn and really understand all systems HVAC. Our newly renovated lab is perfect and has a variety of equipment seen when working in the field.”

She added that the program has thoroughly prepared her for this greatly in-demand career.

“The instructors have set up several methods for troubleshooting and diagnosing the different units,” Bradley added. “This aspect of the program has been one of my favorite parts because troubleshooting skills are so important when working in the field.”

Alumnus Antonio Zarate agreed.

“This is a good program that (you can get training, with) just a lot, a lot of saving, and a lot of help, too,” he said. “I do it for the certification, because my work and my building maintenance and these things are going to help me a lot with air conditioning and refrigeration. …I mean this program is everything—plumbing, refrigeration, electrical. I mean it was everything. I mean for somebody who likes to fix something, this is the place.”

The Community for Accredited Online Schools evaluates HVAC programs at post-secondary public and private schools on specific criteria in order to offer information to people deciding between education and training programs. The online publication evaluates colleges based on the following factors:

  • Cost of tuition
  • Financial aid available
  • Number of programs and programs offered
  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Graduation rate
  • Placement and support services offered
  • Academic and career counseling services
  • Employment services

“TMCC caters to a variety of students when it comes to enrollment,” according to “Transfer, returning, and new degree seeking students are welcome to enroll. Students are also encouraged to take part in the new Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) which is an online information hub that answers all questions related to services and programs the school offers.”

A full ranking list and judge’s criteria can be found on the AccreditedSchoolsOnline website. Colleges making the list are public or private nonprofit institutions and must be accredited.

For more information about studying HVAC/R at TMCC, please call 775-856-5300.

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