Late Start Classes Begin Now Through October

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
Fall TMCC Campus Image

Truckee Meadows Community College Dandini Campus as seen during Fall Semester 2016.

Update: TMCC would like to extend a welcoming hand to students displaced by the recent closing of ITT Technical Institute campuses nationwide. Faculty and advisors at TMCC are ready to assist students in their transition to one of the College’s many certificate or applied degree programs. There are numerous late-starting and online courses from which to choose, listed in the table below.

For more information about applying to TMCC and transitioning to one of the wide-ranging and comprehensive programs and transferability of your coursework, please contact Admissions and Records at 775-673-7042. To schedule a time with one of our academic advisors, please call 775-673-7062, or for financial aid information call 775-673-7072.

Late start classes for credit and transfer are now open for enrollment and can help a student get that one extra course needed. Sections begin in September and October, and students can register at MyTMCC.

There are conveniently scheduled classes and evening or once-a-week sections offered, as well. Web sections can fit tight schedules of students that have other classes or work responsibilities. Many general education classes are also now offered at Meadowood Center, served by more than 450 weekly bus routes.

To view available late start classes, you can use the "Additional Search Criteria" in the online searchable class schedule at MyTMCC. Select a session listed as Dynamic Dated (DYN) or Dynamic Dated Intensive (DYI) for late start classes.

Students can also search for late starting classes at
  • ​​C​lick on "advanced class search".
  • Under "start date", select "late start only".

(Or go directly to:

Another option to search for late-starting classes:

  1. In MyTMCC, bring up the "Search for Classes" window (TMCC is the default value in the "Institution" field).
  2. In the "Term" field, enter "2016 Fall".
  3. "Subject" field is optional.
  4. Below, under "Additional Search Criteria", there is a "Session" field: enter "Seven Week - Second," or DYN or DYI.
  5. Click "Search".

Late-starting classes include the following:

Important Information:

  • To register for a late start class, log in to MyTMCC.
  • Pay your tuition and fees within 48 hours after you enroll.
  • Students enrolling in late start courses must meet the class prerequisites (check the online searchable class schedule for any required prerequisites).
  • If you haven't applied for admission to TMCC yet, go to

For more information about late-starting classes, call 775-673-7111.