Career and Technical Education Open House on Feb. 17

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
Image of Training Robot

Baxter is one of two robots at the Applied Technology Center that can work on an assembly line. Students use Bender and Baxter during their training.

Just as technical science training programs are very hands-on, the upcoming Career and Technical Education Open House is also an event that’s much more than sitting and listening.

  • When: Wednesday, Feb. 17 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • Where: Applied Technology Center, 475 Edison Way, Reno

Programs featured will be Automotive, Diesel Technology, Welding, Machining, Production Technology and Architecture, with the possibility of more being added.

“We’ll have interactive demonstrations going on,” said Amber Burroughs, Student Outreach Program Manager. “For instance, in the machining area, the instructors will have people go through and build actual pieces, CNC Machining tokens like a wrench or keychain, and see how the technological tools work.”

The event is geared toward prospective students, including juniors and seniors in high school, dual-credit seekers, and adults in the community that are interested in retraining for a new career. Many of these occupational fields are in high demand due to manufacturing firms, such as Tesla Motors, relocating to Northern Nevada.

At the check-in table, attendees will receive fliers with an overview of all the technical science programs, and brochures with information specific to each area.

“A computer lab will also be available for prospective students that want to apply to a program or look into a specific program to see what classes are needed for that certificate or degree,” Burroughs said.

In one section, participants can learn at a hands-on display board more about how to stop a semitrailer.

“There is an air brake board for diesel technology that demonstrates all the components needed to stop a tractor-trailer,” she said.

There will be a raffle for a free three-credit class, and the winning raffle ticket may be used for any class, not just in technical sciences. For the raffle, participants go on a scavenger hunt to the various training sections and collect items such as signatures or information. The final part of the raffle entry is an evaluation survey about the open house event.

“It will ask ‘did you learn anything new, or come away with any interesting fact,’” Burroughs said.

“The Bull Pen” is the unofficial title for the middle of TMCC’s site at Edison, where there is a high ceiling, perfect for practice flights of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For the CTE Open House, this central area will have information tables set up with various student support services’ staff ready to answer questions. Some of the services include Financial Aid, CTE College CreditJump Start Dual Credit Program, Success First, Disability Resource Center (DRC), ACE High School and TMCC High School. It will also be the location for an instructor representing TMCC’s Architecture Program, which is typically taught at the main Dandini Campus.

One of the most exciting cutting-edge technologies at the Edison site is the production technologies laboratory and its two large robots sporting heavy red arms and LED screen with blinking eyes.

"The two robots, Bender and Baxter, can work on an assembly line,” Burroughs said. “New manufacturing facilities use robots to assist workers with assembly. Students can use educational training aids such as robots to practice diagnosing and repairing electrical and mechanical components used in a production system."

For more information about the CTE Open House, or Technical Science Division programs, contact Amber Burroughs at 775-857-4963.