Enroll Now For Fall

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
Fall Class Schedule Image

A new course planner in the Fall Class Schedule helps students better plan their sequential courses and stay on track for graduation.

Fall 2015 classes begin on Saturday, August 22.  A new planning section in the Fall Class Schedule will help students outline the flow of classes in their programs with ease by showing when specific courses are offered in future semesters.

The Course Planner begins on page 88 of the Fall Class Schedule, which is also available as a digital Flipbook. Students will be better able to stay on track for graduation by knowing the timetable of courses, especially when there is a sequence of classes.

“It’s a preview for students of what each department plans to offer over the next two academic years,” said Melissa Deadmond, Associate Dean of Assessment & Planning. “It also lets the students know what format the course will be offered, in person or online.”  Registration for Fall Semester is now well underway.

New Courses and Additional Degrees Are Offered Starting in Fall

A new environmental science class, ENV 198, will be offered for the first time this Fall Semester at TMCC for students interested in natural resources management or environmental studies occupations. Other new classes and degree programs are also available.

Students can find their desired classes in TMCC’s Fall 2015 Schedule. In addition to the interactive Flipbook, the schedule may be downloaded as a PDF file.

Important information:

  • To register, log onto my.tmcc.edu.
  • Fall Semester is Saturday, Aug. 22 through Sunday, Dec. 13.
  • Please check the online searchable class schedule at my.tmcc.edu regarding any prerequisites for the course in which you are enrolling.
  • Remember to check the dates when fees are due.

Note: If you haven’t applied for admission to TMCC yet, visit the website for Steps to Enroll.

For more information, call 775-673-7111.