Developmental Math

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Developmental Math includes Math 95 (Elementary Algebra) and Math 96 (Intermediate Algebra). Note: as of Fall 2020 Math 95 will no longer be offered as a standalone class, and as of Fall 2021 Math 96 will no longer be offered as a standalone class.

Developmental math classes give students the basic skills and understanding required for success in university-parallel classes and non-transfer 100-level classes. Classes are kept small (base class size is 22 students) to personalize the learning environment and facilitate student-teacher interaction.

Developmental math classes at TMCC are offered as lecture, computer-assisted and online formats. Please note that credits earned in developmental math classes do not count towards graduation.

Developmental Math: Online Class Enrollment

Enrollment in developmental math online classes is by departmental permission and limited to students who meet the following three requirements:

  1. Student has not dropped or failed the class before or has a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  2. Student has a grade of A or B in the prerequisite class or a qualifying ACCUPLACER math, ACT math or SAT math score (taken within the past 2 years).
  3. ACCUPLACER Reading score is at least 86 and Essay Sample score is at least 5
    or: SAT Reading and Writing scores of at least 440
    or: ACT Reading and Writing scores of at least 18
    or: a C or higher in English 98R (taken within the past two years)

Students who meet these requirements are advised to contact us.

Note: Math 95 is not offered online.