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Getting Started with ALEKS

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Some TMCC courses use ALEKS, a web-based artificially intelligent learning and assessment software system. The system provides practice problems, work examples and video tutorials that will help you develop the skills necessary to test into Math 95 (some students place higher than Math 95) using the ACCUPLACER Placement Test.

ALEKS will give you problems to work, with explanations, as you proceed through the course, and assess your progress at irregular intervals.

To take the course you will need:

  • A Windows or Apple computer with internet access.
  • A recent version of Java installed on the computer.
  • The purchase of an ALEKS access code (this gives you access to the internet-based ALEKS computer program).
    It can be purchased online or at the TMCC Bookstore.

Registering and Purchasing ALEKS Access Code

Step 1: Go to, enter the course code for your assigned Instructor in the "K-12-Higher Education" box; click Continue.

Step 2: On the next screen, verify the course, then click Continue.

Step 3: On the next screen, you are asked to enter your access code. If you do not have an access code yet, click the link that reads "purchase an access code online".

If you have purchased your access code from the TMCC Bookstore, enter it here.

Step 4: On the next screen, select a subscription:

  • Spring and Fall Semester students – 18 week subscription
  • Summer Session students – 11 week subscription

This will give you access to the course for the appropriate number of weeks. You will be sent to the McGraw Hill website where you can purchase your access code.

Please read all screens carefully. During your purchase, you will receive username and password information. Be sure to write down or save your username and password (you will also receive an email with this information).

Log in to ALEKS and Get Started

  • After you have completed Steps 1 through 4, go to and log in with your username and password.
  • The first time you log in, ALEKS will ask permission to install a plug-in on your computer. You must allow this or ALEKS will not run on your computer.
  • You will be guided through a quick ALEKS tutorial, and then you will take an initial assessment that will evaluate your present math skills. The assessment will take about 30 minutes. The result of your assessment will be displayed in the pie chart.
  • Once the initial assessment has been completed, you are ready to begin the coursework which is tailored to your needs. Place your cursor over a slice of the pie chart and a pop-up will show you a list of math topics which you are ready to learn. Click on one of these topics to start learning the course material.
  • As you work through the course, ALEKS will give you assessments at irregular intervals. Confirmation will be sent to you when you have completed the course.
  • Please note that when taking assessments, you cannot get help; no notes, no books, no calculators and no communication devices. Use only pen or pencil and paper, and the internal ALEKS calculator when it is permitted.


Finish all of the ALEKS topics you are given. ALEKS will notify you when you have completed all topics.

ALEKS Support

If you experience any problems with the steps above, you can contact ALEKS Customer Support for help:

ALEKS CS Phone: 714-619-7090

ALEKS CS website: