Math Skills Center Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to Math Skills Center's most commonly asked questions.

FAQ Questions

Yes. You can take the ACCUPLACER multiple times if necessary. However, you must wait 5 days to retake the ACCUPLACER. For example, if you take the ACCUPLACER on a Monday and need to retake it, the earliest you can retake it would be on Saturday.

It is highly recommended that you spend 7–10 hours per week working on your ALEKS course. Some of this time will be spent working in the Math Skills Center computer lab, but you will also be expected to put in time on your own as well.

You are encouraged to spend as much time in the Math Skills Center computer lab as you can!

The bare minimum you are required to spend in the Math Skills Center is at least 2 hours per week, based on which day and time you enrolled in at the beginning of the semester.

Outside of that requirement, you may come in as often as you'd like!

You can email any of our instructors through their TMCC email. All of the instructors' emails can be found on our Math Skills Center Staff page.

Once you finish your ALEKS course, you will take a written practice test and also take home some review material.

Once you and your instructor feel that you are prepared, you will take the ACCUPLACER that is associated with the course you just completed.

You will meet with your instructor to discuss your current ALEKS course progress, as well as upcoming goals and deadlines.

You will also spend time in our computer lab working on your ALEKS course, so that you can ask for help on any issues you are having.

No. You will meet with your instructor, who will fill out some paperwork with you and notify Testing Services of when you are planning on taking the ACCUPLACER.

Note: If you go to Testing Services without your instructor's consent, you will be waiving any of the privileges you have from being part of the Math Skills Center!