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Math Skills Center

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If you tested into the Math Skills Center, get ready to countdown to your success!

This self-paced curriculum will prepare you for your required math courses and get you on track for your academic and professional goals. Our web-based and/or text-based education, supplemented by assistance from our qualified math instructors and tutors, will help you develop your math skills to move on to SKC 85, Math 96, or Math 120 with support.

Requirements of Math Skills Center Students

Due to COVID-19, there will be no in-person components required for the Math Skills Center. Students should plan on working with the ALEKS online program at least 10 hours per week to be successful and reach out to your instructor with any questions should any arise. If necessary, the student and instructor can then schedule a face-to-face meeting using a video conferencing system.

  • SKC 80 is a seven-week course to prepare for and test into SKC 85 or Math 120 with support. Anyone can self-enroll into SKC 80 without having taken the Accuplacer.
  • SKC 85 is a seven-week course to prepare for and test into Math 96. An "S" in SKC 80 or placement scores are required to enroll into SKC 85.


  • Students pay for 1.5 credits for SKC 80 and 1.5 credits for SKC 85, plus the cost of ALEKS.
  • The internet-based ALEKS computer program is used for this course and students must purchase the program subscription.
  • Please note that Math Skills Center classes are not eligible for financial aid.


Online enrollment is available through MyTMCC.

  • Sign in to MyTMCC and click on "Student Center" then click on "Search" or "Search for Classes".
  • Enter the term you are registering for, then enter SKC for course subject, and click on "Search".
  • Search results will display SKC 80 and SKC 85.
  • You are not required to register for both courses; however, it is highly recommended that you enroll in SKC 80 for the first 7-week session, and SKC 85 for the second 7-week session. This will hold your spot in the course for the second half of the semester.