TMCC Social Media Decision Tree

The following steps are a guideline to help you monitor your social media user engagement. When a social media post, tweet, mention, comment or share is discovered:

  1. Listen
  2. Breathe
  3. Assess and then act

If the post is positive, fact check it. If the facts are not correct, acknowledge the post with thanks and gently correct facts. If the facts are positive and you cannot add value, recognize the post by a simple like or share. If you can add more value acknowledge the post and respond to the user. 

If the post is negative, stop and ask yourself if the user is a troll. If the user is a troll do not engage. If the post violates the social media procedure delete it from the page. If the user continues to troll the page, report them and then block the user from your page.

If the user is not a troll, stop and ask yourself if the user is a glory hound. If they are, do not engage and monitor the post for 24 hours.

If the user is neither a glory hound or a troll, but their post was negative take a moment to do some research and find out if the user is a student, faculty or staff member of TMCC. If they are not, do not engage. However, if they are, respond with care and provide an alternative method of contact. 


  • Troll: This is a person who posts crude, provocative messages deliberately, with the intention of causing disruption or an argument.
  • Glory Hound: A person who posts with the intention of satirical humor or to gain popularity, fame or praise.