International Student Workshops

International Student Services, in collaboration with other College units, has a workshop series designed just for international students.

While new international students are required to attend, we also encourage continuing international students to attend some or all of these workshops, as they apply to their interests and situations. We hope to see you soon at our Friday workshops!

Note to new students: Orientation continues throughout your first semester at TMCC with a series of required workshops. An enrollment hold will be placed on all international student accounts before spring registration begins. The enrollment hold will be removed after completion of the final workshop. Please remember to add these dates and times to your calendars now. We look forward to seeing you throughout this first semester.

Fall 2019

(Note: All workshops are held from 10 a.m.–1 p.m.)

Date Workshop Description Location
Sept. 6 

Cultural Adjustment

In this interactive workshop you will gain an understanding about cultural adjustment and how to adapt to your new culture and environment. Living in a culture other than your own can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Regardless of where you come from, it is natural and common for all international students to go through a period of cultural adjustment. Understanding that process and getting support throughout this transition will help you adjust better and have a more fulfilling experience, academically, personally, and professionally.

RDMT 253
Sept. 20

Academic Honesty in the American Education System

The concept of academic honesty varies across all cultures and adjusting to the American standard of academic honesty can create stress for many international students.  In this interactive workshop, you will gain an understanding of the meaning of academic honesty in the American higher education system in order to avoid unintentional acts of plagiarism or cheating.  We will continue the discussion of the cultural adjustment process, too. We will also be joined by guest speaker Tony Futia, Director of Student Life and Development, to discuss and review the importance of student conduct.

RDMT 253
Oct. 4

Employment Options for International Students

In this interactive workshop, presented by the Career and Counseling Centers and International Student Services, you will have a chance to learn about the following:

  • employment options for F-1 students, including on-campus employment and CPT, OPT, and economic hardship
  • special employment issues for F-1 students
  • 8 competencies employers are seeking and how to prepare for a successful transition into the workplace
  • what CareerLink is and how to register
  • the importance of resumes and what employers are looking for on your resume
  • the etiquette of being employed in the United States 
  • understanding an employer's expectations so that you are prepared and can impress on the job
RDMT 112
(Advising Center Computer Lab)
Oct. 18

International Student L.E.A.P. (Learn, Explore & Plan) University Transfer Session

Take the transfer LEAP (Learn, Explore and Plan).  Learn about the transfer process, transfer vocabulary, transferring within Nevada versus out of state, the importance of accreditation, and transfer agreements. Explore available majors and which TMCC degree to follow to meet your goal, how to find a college or university that meets your criteria, and college and university search tools.  Plan to transfer by creating a transfer timeline and checklist, connecting with colleges and universities, and learning about admissions requirements and scholarship opportunities.  This workshop is open to all international students on an F-1 Visa.

RDMT 112
(Advising Center Computer Lab)
Nov. 1

International Student On Track to Graduate & Registration

International Students On Track is a hands-on group advising workshop during which the International Academic Advisors will help you better understand and navigate the TMCC College Catalog, one of the most important tools available to you. The catalog contains information regarding College policies that affect students, degree requirement worksheets, and course descriptions including prerequisites and co-requisites. Using the catalog with your advisement report or a what-if scenario will help you create a long-term educational plan, which you may then add to your MyTMCC planner. Having a well-organized plan and understanding degree requirements will keep you on track to meeting your goals.  By completing this workshop, you will receive priority registration allowing you to enroll in classes before any other students. 

All previous workshops in the series must be completed to receive priority registration.

RDMT 112
(Advising Center Computer Lab