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Academic Software


Academic Software for Spring 2019

Listed below is the current list of software installed on academic images for Spring 2019
Software Version License Type Installation Location Licenses Expiration/ Renewal Requestor
Netbeans with JDK by Oracle 8.2 Freeware SIER 112 & 102 IT/Helpdesk
Putty by Putty.Org 0.69 Freeware All PCs 10000 Good until request for newer version Judith Fredrickson, Edward Corbett
TeraTerm by TeraTerm Project Team 4.98 Freeware ATC-110 10000 Good until request for newer version Steven Bale
Visio by Microsoft 2016 MSDN Agreement (CT) ATC-109 & 112 0 Subscription Expires on Gregory Ellis
VMWare Workstation Pro by VMWare 14 Limited Seats (Single User) ATC-103 31 Good until request for newer version

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