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Academic Software


Academic Software for Spring 2019

Listed below is the current list of software installed on academic images for Spring 2019
Software Version License Type Installation Location Licenses Expiration/ Renewal Requestor
Adobe Creative Cloud by Adobe 2018 Limited Seats (Single User) ATC-205, ATC-206 ATC-216, ATC-217, ATC-218, ATC-109-53, 54 & 55 75 Expires on Ronald Marston
Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite-Maya, Mudbox, Sketchbook Designer, Turtle by Autodesk 2015 Limited Seats (Concurrent) ATC-205, ATC-206, ATC-217 33 Maintenance Expired Ronald Marston
Flip4Mac by Telestream 3.3x Limited Seats (Single User) ATC-205-TCHR, ATC-206-TCHR, ATC-217-TCHR 3 Good until request for version upgrade Ronald Marston
Toast by Roxio 11 Limited Seats (Single User) ATC-205, ATC-206, ATC-217 70 Maintenance expires Ronald Marston
VueScan by Hamrick 9 Limited Seats (Single User) ATC-205-Scanner & TCHR, ATC-206-Scanner & TCHR, ATC-216-TCHR, ATC-217-Scanner & TCHR, ATC-218-TCHR 21 Good until request for version upgrade Daniel Bouweraerts

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