Smart Classroom Procedures for Faculty

Please note that TMCC's Professional Development Office offers Smart Classroom training. IT also offers individualized training as needed.

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Smart Classroom Students

System Startup

  • Turn on doc cam. This must be done first every time. The power switch is located on the upper right hand corner.
  • In rooms using a 5000 series digital ELMO: change "input" to "Main"=doc cam, "comp" or "laptop".
  • Turn on audio amplifier (select audio source). This may vary based on your room, so read front panel of audio amplifier to choose correct input.
  • Turn on projector using the remote located on the computer desk (the remote requires line of site to the projector to the black rectangle located by projector lens).
  • Turn on computer: press the power button located on the front of the computer tower.
  • Log into the computer. Use your normal TMCC username and password.

Computers and Laptops

  • In rooms using a 5000 series digital doc cam, change "input" on the doc cam to "comp".
  • Depending on model type, select "RGB", "Computer" or the "Input" button on projector remote to select the computer output to the projector. Make sure to point the remote directly at the projector and push the button slowly in sequence until computer image appears.
  • In rooms equipped for laptop computers, connect the supplied VGA and audio cables to your laptop and change the input to "laptop". It may be necessary to prompt your laptop to show external video (usually a function key located on your laptop).
  • On the audio amplifier, change input to "Comp" or "Laptop" depending on your chosen source.
  • Apple Users: It may be necessary to disable the "Plug and Play" feature in your laptop properties menu to be able to pass video through our projectors.
  • Feel free to copy your files to the local desktop (like PowerPoint presentations); however, understand all data will be erased at shutdown.
  • Play DVDs and audio CDs on the computer (see DVD notes below).