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IT Restricted Access Areas

See Also: Policy 4813 - Computer Room Access


The IT Computer Rooms on the TMCC Dandini Campus and at the education sites and centers are controlled rooms with limited access. These access procedures are documented to provide guidance to staff when dealing with unauthorized individuals.

To maintain proper computer room security, the following procedures are in place:

  • Restricted Physical Access
    • Only authorized personnel are allowed to gain entry into the area. Authorized personnel are identified as those persons needed to operate, supervise, or provide maintenance to the area and its equipment.
  • Restricted Online Access
    • Access to the computer systems from outside the IT Computer Room(s) will be controlled by the proper use of user identification codes, password, and personal lock access codes which are to be changed no less than once a year. To further limit access, codes that are no longer authorized will be deleted as soon as possible.
    • The IT Computer Room(s) is to be locked at all times.
    • Access to the IT Computer Room(s) is restricted to TMCC Information Technology personnel, approved vendor/maintenance personnel, or operations management personnel due to report for duty at a specified time.
    • Tours by visitors, employees, vendors, or customers must be authorized and approved by the Information Technology director (or designee).
    • The list of personnel authorized to gain entry into the computer room will be reviewed a minimum of every six months by the Information Technology director (or designee).