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NSHE replaced the existing legacy finance and human resources systems in all of its institutions with Workday® software. Workday is a cloud solution that meets our operating requirements and mitigates the risks of system failure, security breaches and regulatory violations.

This project was called iNtegrate2.

Our legacy systems became more costly and increasingly difficult to support. Workday enables TMCC to improve the way it administers and delivers key HR, benefits and financial services to faculty and staff. Because all NSHE institutions implemented Workday, there should now be increased efficiencies through automation, streamlining and standardizing current business processes.

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Why Workday?

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance. Hundreds of companies, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises, have selected Workday.

Following are some of the reasons Workday was chosen by NSHE:


Workday has an intuitive user interface that mimics the usability of consumer websites.


Workday can be mobile-enabled for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. This makes it possible to function from anywhere. Analysis is ongoing to determine whether this will be available in the first phase.


HR personnel will have access to real-time information as this system is paperless. This enables timely decision making.


With Workday comes an improved ability to integrate with third-party systems.


All Workday clients are on the same version of its software. Twice a year, Workday is updated with additional features and functionality.

Best Practice

Finally, all of Workday’s delivered business processes are best in class. Workday was selected to provide consistent delivery of core HR and financial services across the system.


Who will use Workday?

Anyone receiving a paycheck is expected to interact with Workday in some capacity. Some basic tasks done through Workday include accessing personal information through employee self service or requesting time off. More administrative tasks currently processed using paper forms that will be automated include timesheets and travel reimbursement requests. Managers will be frequent users of the system approving requests.

How does Workday affect the College?

  • Replaces HRMS, Advantage, and many other supplemental applications.
  • Provides modernizations in self-service and mobile access.
  • Improves HR and finance services.
  • Drives more efficient business processes.

When will user training occur?

Workday encourages a just-in-time training methodology. Employees who will be heavy users of the software will receive training as needed in order to test the system. Most TMCC staff will be trained in the two months prior to the go-live date. Listed below are some online resources: