Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule


Truckee Meadows Community College is implementing a temporary Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS) program in connection with the NSHE budget reduction directives. The rules and procedures related to requesting and approving a voluntary reduction in work schedule are outlined below. The VRWS program allows eligible employees the option of requesting a reduction in working hours or teaching load with a corresponding reduction in salary.


The VRWS program is available to all full-time (1.0 FTE) TMCC Administrative Faculty, Tenured Academic Faculty and Classified employees. This program is not an entitlement and all decisions regarding voluntary reductions in work schedule will be subject to approval. The College reserves the right to discontinue or adjust the VRWS program at any time. The employee may request to discontinue or adjust the VRWS at any time by submitting a request in writing to their supervisor.


The VRWS program allows eligible employees to request a reduction in working hours and corresponding salary. The VRWS is not a flex-time policy where work hours are shifted.

The following guidelines apply to the VRWS:

  1. Consideration will be given to all eligible individuals who request a reduction in work schedule through this program.
  2. Supervisors and appointing authorities must consider business needs, the nature of job responsibilities, and the staffing situation in the unit or department. Employees should not be permitted to reduce their work schedules to a degree that prohibits other employees from participating in the VRWS or using their time off.
  3. All decisions to approve or not approve an application rest within the discretion of the supervisor, appointing authorities and TMCC President/Leadership. A denial and the related justification of a VRWS request must be provided by the supervisor to the requesting employee.
  4. All requests are not final until TMCC President/Leadership approval is received.
  5. No one-time payments, additional assignments, activity pay or job reclassifications will be approved for an employee to cover for work that would otherwise be performed by an employee who has been granted a voluntary reduction in work schedule. Departments should not approve overtime for classified employees to compensate for another employee’s voluntary reduced work schedule.
  6. Instructional Academic Faculty must split their approved reduced load evenly between both semesters in the academic year.
  7. Requests and participation in this program is voluntary. The process and related decisions are not subject to TMCC, NSHE and/or NFA grievance procedures but are subject to state and federal employment laws.
  8. This program does not substitute or replace any NSHE and/or Legislative mandated salary changes and/or furloughs. Any state or NSHE mandated furlough will apply to all full-time employees who have entered into this voluntary reduced work schedule program. However, the furlough percentage deduction will be calculated on the employee’s reduced schedule (FTE %).