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Grant-In-Aid Process

Please read through the TMCC Grant-In-Aid policies and relevant information below, then complete the application to apply for grant-in-aid. For individuals seeking to submit applications for themselves and a dependent, please submit individual applications for each Grant-In-Aid.


  1. As per Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 12, Subsection 6):
    • Please submit TMCC Grant-In-Aid applications by 11:59 p.m. the first day of the semester you are applying for. For late or delayed start courses, please submit your Grant-In-Aid application by 11:59 p.m. the first day of the course.
  2. Classified staff and distinguished classified receiving Grant-In-Aid are required to provide final grades within two weeks of the final week of any given semester. Failure to do so may result in denial of future Grant-In-Aid applications or privileges. Special or extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the TMCC Human Resources Office.

TMCC Part-Time Faculty Grant-In-Aid Policy

As per the Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 13):

  1. Temporary part-time faculty (LOAs), as defined in Title 4, Chapter 3, may receive a grant-in-aid for courses at any NSHE institution, not to exceed the number of credit hours the part-time faculty member is currently teaching, and not to exceed six credit hours.
    • The grant-in-aid is applicable only to courses taken during the Fall and Spring regular semesters.
    • The grant-in-aid based on credit hours may be utilized during the semester in which the temporary part-time faculty member is teaching or in the semester immediately following.
    • Temporary part-time faculty employed by continuing education and community service units are not eligible for grant-in-aid or waiver.
    • Non-resident temporary part-time faculty receiving a grant-in-aid shall be deemed residents for tuition purposes.
  2. Temporary part-time faculty who do not teach, the course equivalency for their services shall be determined by multiplying six credit hours by the faculty member's FTE. The credit hours will be rounded up to determine the maximum number of credit hours covered by a grant-in-aid.