Classified Letter of Appointment Policy

This policy sets forth the method by which classified employees (.50 FTE and above) at TMCC may assume LOA assignments. These assignments are not part of the written position description and are outside the normal duties. Any assignment must be in accordance with NSHE Board of Regents Handbook provisions and TMCC Bylaws.

Definition:  A normal workday is an 8-hour day with a one-hour lunch and two breaks.  The normal workweek is presumed Monday through Friday.  If your schedule differs from this, you must have an approved Request for Variable Work Schedule on file with Human Resources.

Teaching Classes or Accepting Assignments

  1. TMCC classified employees may assume LOA assignments at TMCC or at other NSHE institutions (for example teaching classes) that fall outside of their regular work assignments. 
  2. If the assignment is outside the hours of the employee’s normal workday, the employee shall be compensated at the standard rate appropriate for the assignment. 
  3. The employee will perform all LOA duties (preparing, meeting with students, grading, etc.) outside of the employee’s normal workday.  This includes all duties and tasks associated with Web classes except in cases where the time involved is de minimis, or a few seconds or minutes in duration.
  4. An LOA assignment must not interfere with the effective operation of the department.
  5. Full-time classified employees shall be limited to LOA assignments up to 30% FTE.
  6. If an LOA assignment falls within the normal workday of an employee:
    1. Written approval from the supervisor, dean or director, and Vice President must be obtained before the employee agrees to the assignment.
    2. Upon written approval the employee must submit a Request for Variable Work Schedule for approval.


  1. The employee shall notify their supervisor in writing of their intent to assume any LOA assignments prior to the start of the assignment.
  2. If an issue arises, the supervisor shall document and share their concerns with the employee within 5 working days of notification.


  1. It is understood that the terms of this policy can be changed or altered only with the written approval of the College President in consultation with the Classified Council.