TMCC Foundation Faculty and Staff Innovation Grants

2019 Innovation Grants

The TMCC Foundation received ten applications, totaling $31,021.26 to participate in the 2018-2019 Faculty and Staff Innovation Grants.

Each of the applications submitted had the potential to tremendously impact students and programs College-wide, however the Foundation had a budget of just over $16,000 to award.

The committee of faculty, staff and community members had a difficult decision to make, fully funding five of the applications and partially funding two of the grant requests.

We are extremely grateful to our faculty and staff who make donations to the faculty and staff grant fund.  These funds, along with revenue collected from parking meters on the Dandini Campus, support these important grant projects.  

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A total of seven grant requests were fully or partially funded in 2019, totaling $16,224.26:

  1. Developmental Math Conference | Amount Funded:  $2,520
    Requested By:  Kyle Sadanaga, Eriko Sakamura, Ted Lambert, and Kurt Ehlers
    The math conference, to be held in January 2020, will create consistency and collaboration between the Math Department, Math Skills Center and College Transition Math.
  2. French Film Festival | Amount Funded:  $1,055
    Requested By:  Tanya Farnung-Morrison, Virag Nikolics
    The project is the second installment of “bringing the world” and its diverse perspectives to TMCC through a film festival.  Students will be given the opportunity to learn more about French culture and to converse with other students interested in this culture as well as film.
  3. Spectrophotometer | Amount Funded:  $4,373
    Requested By:  Sameer Bhattarai
    A spectrophotometer will be purchased and used for advanced environmental science research capabilities.  
  4. FREE Collaboration | Amount Funded:  $3,775
    Requested By:  Micaela Rubalcava, Dean Burton, Kellie Carter, Kristen Demay, Keziah Dutt, Tanya Farnung-Morrison, Erin Frock, Candace Garlock, Marinya Giren-Navaroo, Precious Hall, Blisin Hestiyas, Aimee Kelly, Nancy O’Neal, Ron Marston, Joylin Namie, Bill Newhall, Rebecca Porter, Erin Shearin, Rossitza Todorova
    The Free (Faculty for Radical Education and Empowerment) collaboration project for Spring 2019 will focus on the theme of “Food.”  Faculty from different departments have teamed up to create projects around the theme of food, both collaboratively and as part of their curriculum.  The projects will be showcased as part of a conference to take place on April 2, 2019, from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  The conference will be comprised of student presentations, art and food activities, conference roundtable discussions, educational booths, art exhibitions, the launch of an SGA healthy vending machine and a collaborative recipe book.  
  5. Public Health Event | Amount Funded:  $500
    Requested By:  Laura Briggs, Melissa Deadmond, Andrea Simone-Call, Elizabeth Morgan, Megan Lahti, Heather Graham, Lori McDonald, and Susan Bluhm​​​​​​​
    This grant will cover a two-day public health event that is a partnership between biology and community health sciences.
  6. Professional Administrative Development Days
    Amount Requested $4,200 | Amount Funded:  $3,000

    Requested By:  Leslie Anne Jia, Marcie Iannacchione, Jay Jorgenson, Amber Burroughs, Sarah Jacobsen, Erin Frock, Sione Lavaka​​​​​​​
    Professional Administrative Development Days will focus on Student Services and Diversity and will provide administrative faculty with tools and resources to better serve students. 
  7. “Let’s Go to College” notebooks
    Amount Requested:  $2,000 | Amount Funded:  $1,000

    Requested By:  John Albrecht, Yuli Chavez
    Specially designed “Let’s Go to College” notebooks will be printed and distributed at at-risk elementary schools with TMCC branded pencils for 1,000 students.  Reno Rotary will match the grant with $2,000.