Sustainability Grants


Back by popular demand, Foundation and Grants is pleased to announce we are accepting applications for Sustainability Grants for the 2023-24 academic year! This is open to any TMCC faculty or staff, including faculty, classified employees, and administrators.

During the 2022-23 academic year,  Foundation and Grants awarded $10,000 to support this initiative during TMCC’s Year of Sustainability. Thanks to the generosity of many donors (including faculty and staff donors) we are able to offer $10,000 again this year!

Sustainability Grants, Academic Year: 2022-23

We received 14 grant requests totaling $9,500 and all of them were funded. Unfortunately, one of the recipients was unable to complete her project and returned the funds, therefore the final amount awarded was $9,000 for 13 projects.

TMCC Day at the Legislature| Amount Funded: $500

Students, faculty and staff participated in TMCC Day at the Legislature in Carson City to share their stories and concerns with elected officials. Biodegradable promotional materials including TMCC stickers and reusable pull-up banners were purchased to promote TMCC at this event and materials were “recycled” for future marketing and recruitment events.

Beautification at Meadowood|Amount Funded: $350

In the spirit of TMCC’s Year of Sustainability, students in an ELL class read a book titled “Seedfolks,” which features a group of diverse individuals that collaborate by planting a community garden in their neighborhood. To mirror this book, the ELL class participated in a beatification project at Meadowood. Twenty-nine plants along with fertilizer and other supplies were purchased to complete the project.

Sustainable Utensils for Earth Day | Amount Funded: $500

TMCC’s Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Department purchased reusable wheat utensil sets to distribute during Earth Day.

EDUC 201 Challenge Island Learning Experience | Amount Funded: $150

TMCC’s EDUC 201 students received STEM training about renewable energy modes of transportation, which they can incorporate into future lesson plans. 

Pet Waste Station with Biodegradable Bags | Amount Funded: $500

A mini pet waste station along with biodegradable bags were installed at the Meadowood location by the Veterinary Nursing Program. The clean-up of waste will keep the outdoor area clean.

Farm to Pantry Program for Wizard’s Warehouse | Amount Funded: $1,000

The Student Resource Committee partnered with the Desert Farming Institute (DFI) to grow sustainable produce for Wizard’s Warehouse. This farm to pantry program produced 20 cases of fresh produce for TMCC’s food pantry.

Reusable Table Linens, Cups and Glasses | Amount Funded: $1,000

Reusable plastic cups, reusable coffee mugs and 12 linen-blend table cloths for TMCC spring/fall kickoff events reduced the waste from these events. This also provides significant cost savings and sustainability as the tablecloths will not need to be rented or dry cleaned with chemicals.

Sustainable Items for Board of Regents Meeting at TMCC | Amount Funded: $500

The Board of Regents held their September meeting at TMCC and we welcomed them with reusable items to be used while on campus. A few of the items were related to bees to encourage support of TMCC’s Bee Campus designation.

Sustainability Presenters for Dianne Dodd Cheseldine Speaker Series | Amount Funded: $1000

The Dianne Dodd Cheseldine Speaker Series brings notable speakers to TMCC. The spring presentation featured a sustainable fashion designer and a fall 2023 presentation will feature a conservation photographer.

TMCC Native Pollinator Garden Plants| Amount Funded: $1,000

This project provided direct support for the TMCC Native Pollinator Garden by funding the purchase of 50 native plants and anti-herbivory wire cages. The Pollinator Garden indirectly supports TMCC’s Bee Campus USA designation, curriculum for several biology courses, undergraduate research, and a peaceful garden for people to visit.

TMCC Learning Commons Family History Research Books| Amount Funded: $500

Books were purchased for equitable representation of families from Mexico, Central and South America.  These books will contribute to sustainability in that it will help the Learning Commons reach its goal of equity, diversity and social cohesion.

Sustainable Lunch Containers | Amount Funded: $1,000

In the spirit of TMCC’s Year of Sustainability, BPA free seal tight lunch containers were purchased and distributed at the National First-Generation College Celebration Day event on Nov. 8th. This will inspire healthier lunch/snack options and reduce waste to keep trash out of the landfill.

Sustainability Field Trip to Idlewild Park | Amount Funded: $1,000

This collaborative project involved TMCC EDU students, WCSD classes, and the KTMB non-profit organization. TMCC students augmented their field experience with WCSD classes by participating in a local field trip hosted by KTMB promoting sustainability.

2023-24 Procedures and Deadlines

Sustainability Grant request applications must be typed and complete. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered or accepted. Grant applicants should retain a copy of their Sustainability Grant request for their records.

Awards are considered in December, and applicants are notified in early January of the status of their application.

  • Complete the Sustainability Grant Request Application. Be sure to have your Dean or Director sign off on the form by the deadline of Friday, Nov. 17, 2023, at 5 p.m.
  • Deans/Directors submit approved applications to the TMCC Foundation by the deadline of Friday, Dec. 1, 2023, at 5 p.m.
  • Please email completed applications to Stephanie Sellers.
  • Notification of awards will be made in January.