2021 TMCC Annual Security Report

8 Emergency Messaging System The College uses the Omnilert system to send mass messages to students, faculty, and staff during emergencies requiring immediate notification. The system provides faculty, staff and students with timely information and instructions during emergencies or other urgent situations that may directly affect their wellbeing. In an emergency, University Police Services or their designees, are authorized to activate the Omnilert system and determine the content of the message. When possible and consistent with TMCC policy, University Police Services will consult with the TMCC Marketing and Communications Office regarding the content of the message before distribution. Messages are sent by multiple methods to contact information listed in the College directory, as well as confidential contact information registered by users. The system can send simultaneous messages to the College community via text message, voice message and email. To update contact information students, faculty and staff should use the TMCC Emergency Alert System website at: www.tmcc.edu/police/emergency-alerts/. In the event of an emergency, the College will notify affected members of the campus community without delay, taking into account the safety of the community unless issuing a notification will, in the professional judgment of the Assistant Vice President & Director of University Police Services of their designees, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency. Notifications may be sent to specific groups of individuals if the emergency is isolated to specific campus locations. If you are not a current TMCC student, faculty or staff member, but wish to receive emergency communications, you may opt-in. Examples of other groups who may wish to participate include: Families of the E.L. Cord Child Care Center; Students and instructors of the Adult Basic Education program; Employees of on-campus retail establishments (Bookstore, Café); Campus volunteers; Concerned citizens; This system complements other TMCC communications including the TMCC homepage, Facebook and Twitter accounts and the recorded message telephone line at (775) 673-7111. University Police Services Honor Guard Methods of dissemination may include, but are not limited to, electronic distribution through mass email, text messaging, the department’s public safety radio station 1670 AM, outdoor notification system, posting of hard copies in public areas, posting on university and public safety web sites, voice mail recordings, campus monitors, reverse 911 and dissemination via local media outlets. If appropriate, status updates as to the resolution and/ or unfounded status of the crime or emergency situation will be similarly disseminated and updated as soon as possible.