2021 TMCC Annual Security Report

50 ADMINISTRATIVE CONDUCT Hold status documented in the Registrar’s official file that precludes the student from registering for classes and/ or accessing official transcripts until clearance from the Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs. INTAKE/ASSESSMENT/TREATMENT REFERRALS. A student may be referred to a community mental health provider to complete an intake and assessment involving alcohol, controlled substance, or other identified issues arising from a violation. In the College’s discretion, proof of participation or completion of treatment may be required. When appropriate, a student may be referred to an off- campus provider for such services at the student’s expense. Range of Protective Measures Available These measures may include, but are not limited to: the implementation of a TMCC-issued no-contact order, academic accommodations, residential accommodations, transportation accommodations, employment accommodations, safety consultations with Great Basin College Security Office, personal protection devices, on-campus escorts, SANCTIONS FOR EMPLOYEES: Nevada Administrative Code NAC 284.480 Letters of Instruction NAC 284.638 Warnings and written reprimands NAC 284.642 Suspension and Demotion NAC 284.646 Dismissal NSHE Prohibitions and Penalties Warning Written Reprimand Suspension Demotion Dismissal For part-time employees of Truckee Meadows Community College, prohibited conduct may result in the immediate termination of the employment agreement. Part-time employees are considered at-will, and the College may terminate employment at any time, for any lawful reason.