2021 TMCC Annual Security Report

47 Persons of Organizations that can assist victims The following support services are available should victims want to access them: • Student Conduct Office at (775) 673-7270. • Title IX Coordinator at (775) 674-7502. • Students may contact the TMCC Counseling Center at 775-673-7060 • Faculty & staff may contact the Employee Assistance Program, Life Works at 877-234-5151 • To notify and report the crime off-campus, contact the Reno Police Department non-emergency line at (775) 334-2677 or the appropriate jurisdiction, or 9-1-1. • University Police Services at (775) 334-2677 or file an online report at www.unr.edu/police, and In the case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. Options about the Involvement of Law Enforcement You have options to report to, or decline to report to, the college and local law enforcement. Although the college strongly encourages prompt reporting of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking individuals have the option of reporting to: a. Local law enforcement, b. The College, including University Police Services, c. Both a & b, d. None of the above. This means that individuals have the right to decline to notify the college or law enforcement officials. Individuals have the right to notify local law enforcement of crimes. If an individual wants to notify local law enforcement, the college will upon request, help that individual make a report to local law enforcement. A report to local law enforcement is separate from a report to the college. To report directly to the Reno Police Department call (775) 334-2677. For assistance in contacting the Reno Police Department, contact University Police Services at (775) 674-7900.