2019 TMCC Annual Security Report

25 Sexual Violence Prevention Education & Awareness Programs The TMCC Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Program provides online training for all incoming freshmen, transfer students and college community members. This education includes information about the nature, dynamics and common circumstances and effects associated with sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. The program includes information about risk reduction and bystander intervention strategies. In addition to these programs, each year the program presents and sponsors sexual violence prevention programs, lectures, training sessions and workshops to classes and student organizations. The Human Resource Office also maintains an extensive library pertaining to violence and sexual assault. In addition, TMCC prepares and widely distributes numerous educational brochures and other publications. TMCC provides periodic training relating to thr prevention and handling of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking to all relevant personnel including University Police Services officers, student conduct staff and hearing officers, college investigators and other staff associated with the Title IX program. The TMCC Human Resources Office provides education relating to sexual harassment prevention. All instructor-led programs include information about the prevention and handling of sexual violence. Several TMCC offices collaborate on a variety of other activities throughout the academic year designed to ensure that all members of the TMCC community are aware of the policies and resources pertaining to issues of sexual violence. This includes communications with the campus community through a variety of methods, use of social media, tabling events, flyers, and special events. Public Information Regarding Sex Offenders The state of Nevada requires sex offenders to register with the police in the jurisdiction in which they reside, as well as with campus police departments if they are a student, working or carrying on a vocation on campus. The Nevada Sex Offender Registry is available at http://www.nvsexoffenders.gov/. Individuals who must register with University Police Services may schedule an appointment to do so. Please call (775) 784-4013 or stop by the University Police Services Substation in the Red Mountain Building, room 243 to schedule an appointment.