2021 TMCC Annual Security Report

10 Education and Crime Prevention Services and Programs Crime Prevention University Police Services offers various personal safety, sexual assault prevention and crime prevention programs on a continual basis throughout the year. Police personnel facilitate programs for students, parents, faculty and new employees, student organizations, and community organizations. To sign up for programs, go to www.unr.edu/police/safetyand-training. Available programs include: Workplace Violence prevention, Active Shooter and Threat Assessment: Classes are offered by University Police Services Lieutenants and Threat Assessment Manger regarding warning signs, prevention methods, and steps that should be taken if employees find themselves in any of these types of situations. These classes are offered on an going basis through the calendar year. Women’s Self Defense Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class is a physical defensive program for women. University Police Services has certified instructors who teach these proven and effective defense concepts. Girls on Guard, an alternative class to RAD, it is shorter but still includes both education and hands-on techniques for sexual assault prevention. Workplace Security Site Assessments Police Services will walk through a department office space or building to identify vulnerabilities, assist in creating an active threat plan, and discuss best practices for safety and security of the workplace. University Police Service provides consultation and crime prevention audits on request; may assist in developing department-specific emergency plans for evacuations, bomb threats, and criminal incidents; and may give crime prevention input in the planning process for new buildings, and in landscaping design and maintenance. Security Awareness Programs New Employee/Student Orientations: University Police Services provides informational presentations to new students and employees. Community Fairs: University Police Services provides information flyers, brochures and safety whistles to attendees. Emergency Plan: University Police Services works closely with community members to address all-risk emergencies. The plan includes 30 potential emergency response guidelines. Senior Leadership Training: University Police Services works closely with the President’s Crisis Action Team to provide Incident Command System, National Incident Management System, and threat response training.