TMCC Library Strategic Plan (2017-2022)

3 Objectives measures 1.1 Promote student awareness of the current and near future services offeredwithin the Learning Commons/Library. 1.1.1 Percentage of faculty and students who use of library resources and services 1.2 Create faculty awareness of library resources and use related to the applicability of assignments and curriculum. 1.2.1 Number and nature of assignments requiring research 1.3 Create student awareness of library resources. 1.3.1 Percentage of student library orientation attendance, frequency, use of building services 1.4 Create both faculty and student awareness and use of LibGuides. 1.4.1 LibGuide production and applicability 1.5 Create faculty and student awareness and use of LibCalendar librarian one-on-one sessions. 1.5.1 LibCalendar statistics 1.6 Promote effective librarian/faculty endeavors/projects with other faculty. 1.6.1 Number of librarian-faculty resource/collection development/service interactions 1.7 Address division, department and chair meetings to promote library services and resources. 1.7.1 Number of librarian appointments and visits to divisions and department meetings 1.8 Manage the existing acquisitions budget to purchase curriculum dependent resources and to cut non-used resources to free money for more appropriate resources. 1.8.1 Amount of collection and additions to the collection related to specific courses, programs, and curricula 1.9 Increase in the library budget for collection development and additional staff 1.9.1 Budget reports and area effectiveness reviews that indicate strong ties between expenditures and high use resources 1.10 Increase in the full and part-time librarian staffing. 1.10.1 Number of full-time librarians and number of library technicians 1.11 Develop a faculty liaison program, utilizing library committee membership and support fromacademic department chairs, in order for faculty liaisons to advocate in their academic specialty the value and use of library services and resources. 1.11.1 Monthly meetings with library goal agenda and number of collaborations between departments, faculty, and library staff 1.12 Connect the information access to library resources with research paper relevancy and validity. 1.12.1 Information resource connectivity 1.13 Collaborate with faculty to promote and use Open Educational Resource options. 1.13.1 Number of OER adoptions, adaptions, and sharing events/ collaboration activites among faculty 1.14 Integrate LibGuides and Virtual Library Resource videos into specific courses. 1.14.1 Number of faculty integrating LibGuides, LibCalendar, virtual orientations, resource links 1.15 Develop a criteria on faculty evaluation related to collaboration with librarians. 1.15.1 Annual Plan update with criterion listed increase faculty and student awareness and use of library resources and services Goal 1