TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

9 Strategy Six: Hold events on campus to attract underrepresented students Rationale: Face-to-face information sessions are highly effective practices for generating inquiries from underrepresented students and their families. Events should be offered during the weekend and evenings to accommodate students’ and parents’ busy schedules. Marketing materials and host dollars will provide incentives for attendance and participation. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) schedules campus tours and information sessions for high school students with disabilities as part of our outreach to transition-aged students. The AOR and Career Center have collaborated to provide “School to Career” information sessions for prospective adult students who will be returning to school. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Staff, marketing materials, host dollars for events $12,000 (printing, host and swag) AOR/DRC/Career Center Strategy Seven: Promote Bachelor of Applied Science programs Rationale: To promote newly approved baccalaureate programs and increase enrollment in those courses. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing; Logistics Operations Management (LOM) plans to hire PR firm Brochures and handouts, staff time $5,000 NOTE: LOMwill use Foundation donation for PR firm Marketing, with Business and EMS Strategy Eight: Streamline intake and registration processes Rationale: Need for transparency with all steps required for enrollment based on feedback from students and community and continuous monitoring of potential barriers in the matriculation process. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Staff, host dollars for focus groups $5,000 A&R and AOR