TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

8 Strategy Five: Work with 100 agents to recruit worldwide to increase international enrollment Rationale: This is an expanding market and will help to diversify TMCC’s campus climate as well as provide needed additional revenue for college operations. The international services team hopes to continue working with agents and expand the number of agents we work with to 100 over the next three years. This will be done through attending agent fairs, working with the US Commerce Service and the US Dept of State. We are currently partnered with 26 agents worldwide through the team’s efforts during 2016-17. To achieve this goal, the International teamwill need to expand to include an outreach/recruitment staff member to assist with follow-up and outreach for recruitment events, as well as funding for in-country recruitment visits and marketing materials. Staffing Resources Cost Lead One new position Portion of international student fees $58,000 for fulltime staff member, $20,000 for online advertising presence on StudyUSA/iXplore and US Commerce Service events, $20,000 for printed brochures and flash drives and mailing costs for agents/ student abroad, and $60,000 travel budget for agent fairs and student recruitment fairs. Total of: $158,000, of which we have $75,000 if the current budget stands. Student Services