TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

7 Strategy Three: Alignmarketing initiatives to key audiences identified Rationale: In order to increase market reach and community awareness, the Marketing and Communications Office will need to hire staff and increase the existing budget to grow regional advertising for college-wide and specific program marketing. Marketing will continue to use identified audiences to drive media placement, using a hired agency and other resources to target segments of the regional population through mass media and advertising. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Staff Marketing Double existing $100,000 budget for advertising placement; Hire additional Marketing staff such as a Social Media Coordinator ($75,000). Total enhancement: $175,000 Marketing and Communications Strategy Four: Expand Jump Start Dual Credit offerings at high schools Rationale: This is an expanding market and is receiving attention at the Board of Regents and State level. Specifically Jump Start Dual Credit opportunities serve the purpose of increasing awareness of the educational benefits offered by community colleges. In addition, Jump Start Dual Credit strengthens the partnerships with the Washoe County School District and creates a stronger pipeline by connecting students to college resources at an early age. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Marketing $5,000 Academic/AOR