TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

12 Strategy Fifteen: Offer On Track to Graduate workshops Rationale: Academic Advisement regularly offers workshops to continuing students to ensure they are on track with their degree plan and know how to read an advisement report and MyPlanner features in PeopleSoft. These workshops are required for first-time, full-time degree seeking students during their first semester prior to registration for their second semester. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Staff Existing $2,000 Academic Advisement Strategy Sixteen: Provide graduation incentive grants Rationale: The Graduation Incentive Grant is open to students in their respective GRS cohort (first-time, full-time freshmen) who are tracked for TMCC’s graduation rate. Students must apply for financial aid and demonstrate unmet need. Currently Financial Aid (FA) staff data mine the GRS cohorts to find eligible students. Complete College America recommends targeted financial aid to encourage completion and success. Students are required to attend full-time with an additional allocation if they enroll in 15 (versus 12) credits, or if they enroll in 12/12/6. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Financial aid coordinator who reviews each FA applicant within the applicable GRS cohort Existing plus new resources for marketing materials $500 Financial Aid Strategy Seventeen: Offer stackable certificates and degrees Rationale: Stackable credentials link a series of certificates and degrees in a specific discipline where each credential builds upon the previous one, and courses for shorter-term certificates count toward associate and bachelor degrees. This allows students to attain a higher-level credential more efficiently and in a shorter period of time. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Existing Existing staffing Dean and chairs