TMCC Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (2017-2020)

10 Strategy Nine: Implement Learning Commons model to increase utilization of academic support services Rationale: A Learning Commons model that creates a hub for faculty and student collaborative learning, utilizing technology, is proven to help create a culture and environment that promotes and celebrates intellectual inquiry and allows students and scholars to discover the full complexity of their ideas. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Library staff, Tutoring and Learning Center staff, Faculty, and Professional Development staff Furniture, technology, effectively designed spaces Estimated: $1.3 million VPAA and Dean of Liberal Arts Strategy Ten: Hold registration promotion event each semester Rationale: Continuing students represent a substantial portion of TMCC’s student population (approx. 70%). It is critical to capture this group of students and facilitate their enrollment in classes for the subsequent semester prior to them leaving the campus for a break (winter or summer). Initiating a visible registration campaign led by faculty and supported by the rest of the institution will help promote and secure registration by students for the next semester. This will strengthen student success through continuous enrollment and will positively impact enrollment. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing Shirts/Staffing/Incentive Prizes $4,000 Academic Affairs/Student Services Strategy Eleven: Provide training for faculty on how to use early alert system Rationale: Required faculty workshops and other training sessions illustrate how the program can serve at-risk students and show the many reasons students may have for performing poorly in classes or for not attending class, such as poor study skills, poor time management and lack of career goals. Training provides opportunities for faculty to ask questions and help develop effective early alert programmatic practices. Staffing Resources Cost Lead Existing (i.e. Faculty, Admissions and Records, Advising staff) Existing (i.e. Starfish), Training at Conferences $6,000 for three attendees, two SS staff and one faculty member Admissions and Records