TMCC Strategic Master Plan 2022-2027

8 TMCC GOAL: Ensure Ongoing Stewardship of Resources Objectives Tentative Key Performance Indicators 10. Optimize state-funded revenue. • Enrollment: Headcount andWSCH 11. Maximize and grow non-state- funded revenue streams. • Revenue from self-supporting programs. • Dollar amount of private donations • Dollar amount of grant-based expenses. • Number of TMCC employees who contribute to the Foundation 12. Promote environmental sustainability. • (QualitativeMeasures) • Second Nature Resilience Commitment • TMCC Sustainability * Disaggregation of student achievement indicators/measures to identify potential achievement gaps: • Ethnicity • First-generation students • Pell-eligible or recipients • Veterans • FT/PT • Gender/gender identity • Age • By discipline (e.g. males in CNA)