TMCC Strategic Master Plan Progress Report 2017-2018

2 preamble Speaking on behalf of campus leadership, faculty, and staff, I am delighted to share the 2017-2022 Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) Strategic Master Plan. This plan is a result of much collaboration, and a “can do” campus culture that engages in continuous quality improvement. We are proud of our strategic directions, some old and some new. We are equally proud of the initiatives that are in various stages of implementation that breathe real life into the TMCC Strategic Master Plan. Ultimately this plan also provides the framework that helps us conduct institutional assessment to determine how well we doing toward fulfilling the TMCC mission. Each year the TMCC Planning Council will revisit the plan for two purposes. One, to verify that we are making progress toward meeting or exceeding our benchmarks and aspirational targets that measure various endeavors related to student success. Two, to modify the plan as needed based upon what we learn from new strategies and adjusting these strategies accordingly. I am grateful to the TMCC Planning Council, a council comprised of faculty, staff, management, and student leaders, for overseeing this work in the spirit of shared governance. I am also grateful for the direction and support that TMCC receives from our Institutional Advisory Council (IAC). Current membership on the Planning Council and the IAC can be accessed at the TMCC website. In closing, I recall the famous words of scholar and semanticist Alfred Korzybski, “The map is not the territory.” The TMCC Strategic Master Plan is our aspirational map. The territory is the important daily work that is fraught with challenges and opportunity, including pedagogies of risk that build our capacity for improvement. TMCC is an extraordinary college, and I for one, am very proud to be part of mapping and shaping a territory that is nothing less than excellent.