TMCC EPIC Summer 2022 Course Guide

Questions? Call 775-829-9010 5 Nevada) Emsi Industry Data, 2022. With a weekly commitment of 5 hours, you can finish this program in six months. Upon successful completion, you will be job ready and can opt to have your information sent to leading employers such as Bank of America, Cognizant, GE Digital, Google, Hulu, Walmart and more. Online $999 Python Developer Certificate: Online Join the workforce as a fully qualified Python Developer at a time when the demand for qualified Python Developers far outstrips the supply. This self-paced, online program provides trainees with the knowledge, practical experience, competency and confidence to qualify for high-paying Python Developer jobs. This program consists of 3 or 4 courses, depending on whether or not you have programming experience. The time it takes to complete this program varies from person to person. While the majority of our graduates complete this program in under one year, some of our graduates complete this training program in 6 months or less. As the most popular programming language for data analytics, machine learning, AI, business and finance, Python Development is a rapidly growing career field. According to, there are over 84,000 Python Developer jobs in the United States. The average starting salary for a Python Developer is $80,000, and one can make $150,000 a year in a senior role. This online program utilizes online, interactive, self-paced Learn-By-Doing training. This innovative approach provides bite-sized lessons, requiring participants to show they have mastered each concept by completing exercises before moving on to the next module. Trainees enrolling in this program receive regular instructional support from a tutor and a coach, and have access to instructional support five days a week. Online $5,600 Dance Belly Dancing Explore the classic Egyptian style of belly dancing, called Raqs Sharqi, and its influence on contemporary Western fusion styles. Learn fundamental movements as well as Egyptian ones. This ancient art is a great way to build a stronger core, achieve a flatter stomach, increase flexibility, and improve your posture. Have fun isolating and controlling your muscles as you practice steps in a relaxing, rhythmic atmosphere. 5/17-7/19 T 6 - 7 p.m. Gray TMCC Meadowood Center 308 $109 Hoop Dance Improve your flexibility, balance and core strength as you learn the basics of dancing with a hoop. Move in all directions as you practice transitions and gain new moves both on and off the body. Enjoy changing planes of rotation and adding your own flair as you relieve stress and increase your cardio endurance. $45 materials fee 5/26-6/16 TH 6:15 - 7:45 p.m. Firestone TMCC William Pennington Applied Technology Center EDSN 180 $69 Career Certificates • Computers and Software • Dance Computers and Software Computer Confidence Gain valuable computer skills in a fun environment. Whether you are a job seeker or want to learn the latest technology, become comfortable creating a document, conduct internet searches, work with attachments, use email and set up an email account of your own. Enjoy friendly, stepby-step lessons that will open professional and personal doors for you. 6/11 S 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Chang TMCC Meadowood Center 123 $99 Intro to Lightroom Take a good photograph and make it stunning. Unleash the artist inside you through this software. Through understanding this program’s digital computer palette, unlock the images held captive inside your camera and jazz them up to create eye-popping photos. Learn how to use this software’s wide array of features, including Organizer and Editor. If you have photos scattered all over your computer in hundreds of folders, let Adobe Lightroom help you get organized. 6/22 W 6 - 9 p.m. Marks TMCC Meadowood Center 321 $89 Employer payments and company vouchers accepted! Call 775-829-9010 for details.