TMCC EPIC Summer 2022 Course Guide

Register 24/7 at 4 from person to person. While the majority of our graduates complete this program in under one year, some of our graduates complete this training program in 6 months or less. Data Analysts are professionals who collect, process and perform analyses on enterprises’ huge quantities of information to help them make better and faster business decisions. Virtually all enterprises have now reached data overload and need data analysts to help them make sense of massive amounts of information. According to, there are more than 235,000 job openings for data analytics positions in the United States alone, and data analysts can make up to $100,000 a year. This training program is suitable for people seeking to enhance their career or looking for a new career in a high-demand occupation. Participants will learn how to do it all in data analytics: from cleaning data to presenting it in visual form, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, interpreting data and making predictions. Online $5,600 Google IT Support Professional Certificate: Online Even if you have no IT experience, get the training you need to enter this fast growing, well-paying field. Become knowledgeable with this industry’s best practices and watch your career prospects soar. Taught by a variety of Google professionals, enjoy this online, self-paced program that offers a dynamic mix of videos, lectures, quizzes and hands-on labs. Delve into troubleshooting, customer service, computer networking, operating systems, system administration and security. Find out about the different facets of information technology and how to perform critical tasks such as managing software and users, and configuring hardware. Discover how to manage a fleet of computers and the infrastructure needed to keep all organizations, both big and small, successfully running. Do a deep dive on the cloud, and learn how to use industry tools to manage computers, user information and user productivity. Importantly, find out how to recover your organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Locally, workers in this field can earn an average of $31.76 per hour. Source - EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Arts and Crafts • Career Certificates NEW! Corsets, Quilts and Tutus Delve into patternmaking and work with a variety of fabrics to create personalized pieces. Using simple textile tools like a rotary cutter, sewing kits and more, learn how to design and put together patterns for custom fit corsets, memory quilts and tutus of all sizes. Explore a modern take on crafting arts and enjoy selfdiscovery exercises to impart your artistic style on each piece. Supplies required. $10 materials fee 7/7-7/21 TH 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. Burleson TMCC Meadowood Center 315 $99 Career Certificates Business Development Representative: Online Enter a career that allows you to work in a traditional office or remotely from your home. Become a Business Development Representative, also known as BDR, through this 60-hour, self-paced online training program. You’ll find this certificate will train you in how to generate new business opportunities for a company. Take part in six modules, including what it means to work in technology sales and development, identify potential customers and what to say, channels of communication and connection, identify opportunities, what to do when they say no thanks, and software training. As a bonus and at no additional cost to you, CareerDash will provide you with a dedicated student success manager, career coach and recruiter dedicated to training, certifying and placing you in a job that is right for you. At the end of this class, you will be eligible to sit for the AA-ISP certification exam to become a Certified Sales Development Representative. Locally, workers in this field can earn an average of $29.06 per hour. Source - EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) Emsi Industry Data. Online $2,808 NEW! C omputational Literacy for Modern Careers Qualify for exciting new automationbased jobs by taking this training. When you graduate, you will have acquired automation-related skills that are in short supply and that employers are universally placing great value on. This training program is 80 hours in length and it is all hands-on learning. Your personal situation will determine how long it will take you to graduate. During the program, you use a virtual robot to solve various simple tasks. In this way, you learn essential skills such as how to identify repeating patterns and how to break complex problems into simpler ones. Upon completing the program, you’ll have acquired the mindset and skills needed to successfully deal with automation and intelligent machines. Hard skills that you will develop include computational thinking, logic and how to use computers to solve problems. You’ll also develop important soft skills including the ability to focus, pay attention to detail, communicate, solve problems, use logic to make correct decisions, plan ahead to do it right the first time, persevere, learn from failure, and adapt to changing conditions. The hard and soft skills you’ll learn will serve you well throughout your working life. Online $995 Data Analyst Certificate: Online This training program provides you with the knowledge, practical experience, competency and confidence to get a high-paying Data Analyst job. This program consists of 4 or 5 courses, depending on whether or not you have programming experience. The time it takes to complete this program varies