TMCC EPIC Spring 2022 Course Guide

COMMUNITY EDUCATION Exploration is ageless. We give you more possibilities. January - April 2022 Noncredit Classes 775-829-9010 Branch out this spring. TMCC EPIC (Educational Programs Inspiring the Community) Feel revitalized by exploring classes that will expand your world. Sharpen your career skills or discover a new personal interest. EPIC is brimming with noncredit classes that cover a variety of subjects, to help you connect with yourself and the community on a deeper level. For credit classes, see • Train for the in-demand field of Data Analyst, page 5 • Make tasty Salvadoran Pupusas, page 8 • Explore blade crafting and make your own knife, page 2 • Gain valuable bookkeeping skills that every business needs, page 4 • Learn to play chess well, page 17