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Nicole Barnes

Nicole Barnes

Although I was born in Washington, I consider myself a Californian. I lived in the small town of Paradise for about 17 years. With 120+ college credits and an Associate of Science Degree under my belt, I have finally chosen to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Working in the Financial Aid Office for nearly 3 years made my transition into the FLAMES seamless. I enjoy student interaction and helping people garner all of the resources available to them. Education is your best resource! Knowing how to balance your finances reduces stress and frees up your brain to focus more on academic success. I personally love talking to students about credit. Many students have trouble building credit or feel that they cannot do so on a limited budget. I am here to show you that it is possible to build great credit, and it will pay off in your future. I look forward to seeing you at our workshops, presentations and maybe even a one-on-one learning session.

Jayda Cloughly Photo

Jayda Cloughly

Hi my name Jayda Cloughly. I am from Reno, Nevada born and raised and love the city, especially the close proximity to Tahoe. I am getting my degree at TMCC in Human Development and Family Studies. I plan on getting my teaching degree and license to become an elementary school teacher. My first year in college has been a drastic change coming straight out of high school. I have loved having the opportunity to learn as I go while working with FLAME$. It has been amazing to work with everyone and is a great first job experience.

Jennifer Curdie Photo

Jennifer Curdie

I have lived in the Reno area since 1991 and graduated from Fernley High School in 1999. My husband is attending UNR and my two children are growing up so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to go back to school. At first, I did not know what degree I wanted to pursue but now I have chosen journalism. I plan to graduate at TMCC with an Associate of Arts transfer degree, and then continue with my education at UNR. After taking a loan counseling workshop with the FLAMES I became interested in the program and decided to join the student workforce. I enjoy helping others and joining the FLAMES team was the perfect opportunity to do that. I am excited to be able to share what I have learned with other students so they can become more financially literate and can focus on their studies.

Baria Kalsoom Photo

Baria Kalsoom

Hello, my name is Baria Kalsoom. I was born and raised in Pakistan. I like spending time with my family, especially with my siblings. We like to play outdoor sports such as cricket and badminton. I am currently pursuing an Associates of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at TMCC. I then plan on transferring to UNR for my bachelor’s degree. I am happy to be a part of the FLAME$ Department and eager to learn more about loan counseling, budgeting, and credit. My goal is to prosper here and to get an understanding of what it’s like in the adult world.. I look forward to assisting students with all types of financial literacy topics so they can be more financially fit.

Carlos Lee Photo

Carlos Lee

I was born in Reno, but I was raised all over the west coast. I spent time in Southern California and Vegas, where I attended UNLV my first semester and studied film.  It was a great learning experience, but I am happy to be back in Reno and attending TMCC.  I am now working towards an Associate of Arts degree.  I then hope to transfer to a 4-year university and continue pursuing a film.  Working for the FLAMES has heightened my understanding of many aspects regarding financial literacy. Coming from personal experience, being financially stable as a student can be difficult, and I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be that way. Being a part of the FLAMES team, I hope to help students achieve their financial goals and provide clarity among the variety of topics that tie into financial literacy and money education. 

Mariela Ocampo Photo

Mariela Ocampo

Hi, my name is Mariela and I am from Reno, Nevada. I completed the Dental Assistant Certificate Program at TMCC in 2015, and after working in the dental field for about three years I decided to pursue a career as an orthodontist. I am now attending TMCC again pursuing an associate of science degree and then will transfer to UNR. Financial education is very important, whether it is budgeting, credit scores or financial aid. They all play an important role in our college careers. My goal working with FLAMES is to provide assistance and guidance for students to help them focus more on their education rather than financial issues. FLAMES is a very useful resource for students because we help students find ways to pay for college such as FAFSA, scholarships and work-study. Having knowledge about how to pay for college takes some of the burden off students so they can focus on their studies.

Daniella Trujillo Rosas

Daniella Trujillo Rosas

I am from Reno, Nevada and I am pursuing my Associate of Science degree here at TMCC. As college students, many of us struggle with finances, which can be very stressful. My goal is to teach students what resources are available to them so they can see that going to college is possible and affordable. The FLAMES program is important to me because we are able to teach students what financial aid resources are available to help them pay for their college career. My favorite financial literacy topic is budgeting. Many of us do not realize where our money goes. By creating a budget, you can see what you are spending your money on, and if need be make changes, which can have a big impact in the end. Teaching people how to create and maintain a budget is something that I believe is very important. The FLAMES program is a good place to go to learn not only about budgeting, but also about many other financial literacy topics.