Millennium Scholarship Parent Information

Millennium Scholarship Parent Information

As the parent of a Governor Guinn Millennium Scholar, you are probably curious about how the scholarship will work. This page is intended to answer most of the questions that you may have.


Please visit the Millennium Office to find general information regarding eligibility. The important thing to remember is that an application is not required; your student is automatically eligible if they meet the criteria, and they are identified for the Millennium Scholarship as described in the next session. Your student must also declare a major at each Nevada institution where they plan to attend. After that, the student must maintain eligibility by completing the minimum number of credits and maintaining the minimum GPA requirement.

Steps to Receiving the Millennium Scholarship

  1. Mid to late-June: Nevada school districts send the Millennium Scholarship Office information regarding eligible students.
  2. Early to mid-July: the Millennium Scholarship Office sends a packet of information to each student, containing an acknowledgment letter that must be signed by the student and returned to the Millennium Scholarship Office. At the same time, the Millennium Scholarship Office sends all Nevada post–secondary institutions information regarding eligible students.
  3. Late July: newly eligible students who have returned their acknowledgment letter and have enrolled at TMCC will be awarded the Millennium Scholarship on their MyTMCC.
  4. Early August: the Millennium award is applied toward the student's account. Fees for which the student is responsible are due to Accounting Services by the posted fee deadline.