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Disbursement of the Millennium Scholarship

Disbursement of the Millennium Scholarship

If you have received your information from the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Office regarding your eligibility, congratulations! We are pleased that you have chosen to attend Truckee Meadows Community College. As you know, the Millennium Scholarship will help you pay for expenses while attending TMCC, as detailed in the Acknowledgment of Award that the Millennium Scholarship Office provided. If you have not received an acknowledgment of award, you may contact the Millennium Scholarship Office directly at 1-702-486-3383.

The TMCC Financial Aid office will be responsible for the disbursement of funds to your student account. Should you have any questions regarding your scholarship award, please contact us.

TMCC will generally apply Millennium Scholarship funds to your student account in mid July for the fall semester and mid January for the spring semester, provided you are enrolled. If no payment has been made by the fee payment deadline, then it is your responsibility to make a payment to ensure your registration is not canceled for non-payment. If you add or drop classes, adjustments to your Millennium award will be made automatically through the end of the 50% refund period. If you add a late-start class after that date and have not already received the maximum award for the semester, please contact us.

Remember that you are not limited to 9 credits at TMCC. Your Millennium Scholarship will fund $40 per credit for a minimum of 9 credits, up to a maximum of 15 credits per term (you will be responsible for the remaining charge per credit, plus any lab or additional fees that you incur). Remedial courses (those numbered under 100) and continuing education and workforce development classes may not be paid by your Millennium Scholarship funds.

Generally TMCC is able to automatically identify and award all currently-eligible Millennium students who are enrolled in the minimum 9 credits. However, at times there may be data matching issues. Students who do not have a Millennium award listed on their "Financial Aid Offer Letter" on MyTMCC prior to the first payment deadline of each semester should either make a payment on their student account by the deadline or contact us to rectify the situation.

Please note the following important dates:


  • Mid-January: Millennium funds will begin being applied to your student account: $40/credit, up to 15 credits. If you are enrolled in remedial courses (numbered below 100), you will not receive Millennium funding for those credits; however, remedial credits are counted toward the minimum nine-credit enrollment level. For example, if you are in English 098, Math 096 and History 101, you would receive $120; if you are in English 101, Math 096 and History 101, you would receive $240.
  • Feb. 1 to Feb. 12: During this period you will receive a 50% refund from TMCC for any classes from which you withdraw. The Financial Aid office is required by Millennium rules to return any refunded monies for dropped classes to the Millennium Program, and your award will be adjusted accordingly.
  • March 5: Millennium students should pay the portion of their fees that exceeds the amount of their scholarship by the first week of classes. All Millennium students must pay their account in full at Accounting Services or via MyTMCC by 5 p.m. on March 5. Any outstanding balance not paid by March 5 will be assessed a 10% (minimum $10) penalty fee.

Important Information for Summer Session: The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program is a reimbursement program for Summer only. This means that you would enroll in and pay for your classes on your own, then be reimbursed in October. Unlike Fall and Spring, you only have to take a half credit or a maximum of 15 credits (excluding remedial courses) during Summer to be eligible for Millennium reimbursement. In addition, you must have either received the Millennium Scholarship at an eligible institution the Spring prior, or are already enrolled in the minimum number of credits required for the institution for the following term. You do not need to fill out any forms to be reimbursed; however, you must have declared a major at TMCC to be eligible. Please check with our office if you do not receive reimbursement by Oct. 15.

See Also: Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Summer School Procedures.

Please also remember the following important facts:

  • You may also apply for financial aid while receiving the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship.
  • You should contact TMCC's Academic Advisement Office regarding your academic plans.
  • You may check your student account, enrollment and financial aid status at any time via MyTMCC.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We wish you success in achieving your educational goals at TMCC.