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Scholarship Name: Travel Photography and Savings Scholarship Contest Fall 2020
Agency: Johnny Jet

Take a photo from vacation and write the destination, how you got there, and any tricks you used to save money (Any way you save money traveling counts, this can be carpooling, finding a great deal on a hotel or Air BnB, staying with friends or family, using credit card reward points or any other money-saving tricks you've tried!) Our favorites will be featured on the site and the winner will receive a $500 scholarship!

*Any vacation photo taken in the last two years is eligible. Although all photographs taken from any advice are eligible, we are mainly looking for pictures that showcase a scene at a destination. So selfies and pictures that are heavily filtered are unlikely to win or be featured.

This scholarship is open to candidates from the U.S. only. Please keep in mind that because we receive so many applications, we are not able to respond to each and every submission and will not do so unless your entry is featured on the site or you are the winner of the scholarship.


Scholarship Eligibility
This scholarship is open to candidates from the U.S. only. To qualify, you must be a current student or planning to enroll in higher education for the Fall semester:

Graduating high school senior with college acceptance
Current undergraduate student
Current graduate student

How to Apply:

Please email your photo and information to and include the following information:

School you're attending/have been accepted to attend
Major/planned major
Expected graduation date
Phone number
Email address

Contact Name: Tim Youngblood
Contact Phone: 208-250-5389
Contact Email: