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Scholarship Name: Annual $1500 R3 Stem Cell Scholarship
Agency: R3 Stem Cell

Since 2019, R3 Stem Cell has been proud to offer a yearly scholarship award to one college-bound or currently-enrolled college student. In an effort to encourage continuing education and motivation for success, R3 Stem Cell will now make it a regular annual opportunity for one student each year to obtain this $1500 scholarship. If you are a student that is pursuing options for academic assistance and also interested in regenerative medicine and its many potential health applications, this could be a great scholarship option for consideration!

  • Applicants must be an American citizen and at least 18 years of age.
  • Must possess a current grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.
  • Have documented acceptance at a university, accredited college or community college, or can show proof of current enrollment at a university, an accredited college or community college.
  • Write a 100% unique essay with a minimum of 1000 words and submit by the December 31, 2020 deadline.
  • Meet the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship regulations and follow the submission requirements detailed below.
How to Apply:

In order to apply for the yearly R3 Stem Cell Scholarship, students must first confirm eligibility with the above qualifications. Those that meet these requirements will then need to create a 100% unique essay with a minimum of 1000 words and submit the completed document with enrollment verification no later than 5:00pm of December 31, 2021. The completed essay should be proofread to ensure there are no grammatical errors, as this is part of the grading process to determine the winner.

Contact Name: David Greene
Contact Phone: 844-438-7836
Contact Email:
Website: 2021 $1500 Scholarship