Types of Student Employment

The student employment office at TMCC offers a variety of free services to both students and employers. Our mission is to assist students in securing meaningful employment, that will both supplement the student's academic pursuits and provide a means of financial support while attending TMCC.

Benefits of Student Employment:

  • Students with little or no employment history may establish a work record and learn the fundamental skills of employment such as punctuality, communication, cooperation and time management.
  • Students gain preparation for the world of work through processes of interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, relating to coworkers and the public, meeting expectations and achievement of goals.
  • Working on-campus help students develop a sense of community and belonging. Studies show that students who work part time on campus perform better scholastically and are more likely to graduate.
  • Students have a flexible work schedule around their class schedule each semester.

What are the Types of Student Employment?


Work-study is a financial aid program designed to assist students in earning money to meet their college expenses. To be eligible for work-study, a student must have filed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and have been awarded a federal or state work-study allocation on their financial aid offer letter on MyTMCC. Students do not receive the work-study allocation unless they actually work to earn that money, at which time they receive a paycheck twice monthly. The work-study program pays a percentage of the wage earned, which means many interesting jobs on campus are only available to students with work-study.

How do I get Work-Study?

Work-study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students who apply for financial aid early. Priority is given to continuing students currently employed under the Work-Study program who apply on time and remain eligible. Students must reapply for financial aid each academic year.

A waiting list is maintained for students who do not receive a work-study award and are interested in the program. Work-study is awarded to wait-listed candidates if other students decline or do not use their award. Students who are currently employed as regular student employees who meet the criteria for work-study are considered priority on the wait list and are awarded work-study as funds become available.

To be added to the work-study wait list, please contact us.

How do I use my Work-Study funds?

Students use the job board to apply for work-study positions the same as any other on-campus job. Students who are hired receive the work-study funds through paychecks twice a month. Generally, awards are split evenly between fall and spring. Unused allotment dollars of less that $500 from fall semester are reallocated into the spring allotment. Unused allotment dollars greater than $500 from fall semester are returned to the work-study fund to be reallocated to wait-listed students.

Visit the on-campus job board to explore and apply for work-study positions.

Regular Student Employment

On-campus positions advertised as regular student employment are temporary, hourly, part-time jobs funded 100 percent by colleges and departments. These positions have flexible work hours designed to accommodate student class schedules. The duties, responsibilities and wage are determined by the employer.

Regular student employees must be enrolled in 6 credits at any NSHE institution and have an overall GPA of 2.0 to qualify for regular student employment.

Visit the on-campus job board to explore and apply for regular student employment positions.

Regents Service Program

The Regents Service Program funds employment in community service positions that require a higher skill level or knowledge base than regular student employment or work-study positions. With the exception of off-campus literacy tutoring positions, most Regents Service Program jobs are on campus.

Applicants must meet eligibility requirements established by the NSHE Board of Regents. To qualify for Regents Service Program employment, students must be enrolled in at least six credits at TMCC and have a 2.0 GPA. They must also qualify under at least one of the following criteria: head of household; single parent; age 22 or over and have never attended college or have had a break in enrollment of two years or more; first generation college student; no support from parents or family; unusual family or financial circumstances.

Priority is given to applicants who meet multiple criteria and are Nevada residents. Up to 10 percent of employees can be applicants who do not meet the criteria but demonstrate an interest in community service and a willingness to work in a community service position.

Visit the on-campus job board to explore and apply for Regent Service Program Employment positions.

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