Administrative Faculty Performance Evaluations


To establish procedures to accompany the administrative faculty evaluation policy; NSHE Code Title 2, Chapter 5, Section 5.12.


All administrative faculty members.

Policy and Philosophy

The performance of all Truckee Meadows Community College administrative faculty members shall be reviewed annually.

Evaluations should be thorough, fair, and objective. The performance evaluations of executive and supervisory faculty members shall include consultation with the professional and classified staff of the administrative unit.

The process is designed to improve the overall operation of the organization and to assist the administrative faculty in the growth and development of professional abilities, as well as to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The process will aid the administrative faculty in the improvement of performance and provide a basis for personnel decisions.

The appraisal process promotes and supports appropriate management and leadership skills, and assures that administrative faculty have goals which are in line with the overarching goals of TMCC. The process is all-inclusive. It begins with mutually agreed upon position responsibilities, goals and objectives, and professional development strategies. It continues with periodic informal performance reviews throughout the year, and completes with self-evaluation, constituent input, and supervisor evaluation.

The outcome of the evaluation process is a clear mutual understanding of position performance, goals and objectives for the next year, and a professional development plan to raise performance and provide career direction.

The administrative faculty performance appraisal process is an ongoing communications system. The process provides an opportunity for the supervisor and administrative faculty to discuss the administrative faculty's work performance. Although written as an annual review process, to be successful the performance dialog must be ongoing between the supervisor and the administrative faculty.

Performance Evaluation

Administrative faculty are evaluated by their supervisors in the following categories:

  • Primary Job Responsibilities
  • Job Knowledge
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Planning/Organization Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Employee Goals
  • Institutional Goals
  • Teamwork/Supervision

Supervisors' comments are required in each of the categories and are rated using a scale of: Excellent (E), Commendable (C), Satisfactory (S) and Unsatisfactory (U).


Each administrative faculty member completes a self-evaluation which describes her/his accomplishments of the previous year.

The self-evaluation is an opportunity for the administrative faculty member to identify performance strengths, note circumstances that may have affected performance (whether positively or negatively), and inform the supervisor of particular accomplishments that may not be reflected in other portions of the evaluation.

The self-evaluation will:

  • Explain the objectives the administrative faculty member met, exceeded or was unable to meet during the performance period.
  • List goals and professional growth and development plan.
  • List unit goals/objectives for the next performance period.

Recommended Annual Review Meeting Outline

  • Administrative faculty member completes the self-evaluation and provides to immediate supervisor by February 1
  • Supervisor reviews performance over the last calendar year and completes the performance evaluation
  • Supervisor and administrative faculty meet in February
    • Review self-evaluation
    • Review accomplishments from past year
    • Review job description and update if needed
    • Establish new goals for subsequent year
    • Review and discuss performance evaluation
  • Obtain all required signatures on Self Evaluation and Performance Evaluation
  • Original fully signed Self Evaluation and Performance Evaluation is sent to Human Resources by March 1

Administrative Faculty Performance Evaluation Forms

Please note that for the PDF forms below to work properly, you must download them to your desktop and then open them using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, otherwise your data will not be saved. So long as Adobe Reader is used, your form data will be saved when your filled-in form is saved locally. See TMCC's PDF Files FAQs for more information.

Note: Originals of the signed/completed evaluation forms must be submitted to the Human Resources office by March 1 of each year.